Why You Should Keep Your Inner Circle Small

A New Mañana No Mas! Series

In all areas of life – business, personal, family, friends, health – you will constantly be surrounded by the same people. Those you live with, work with, work out with, etc. will not change much over time. So you need to be absolutely sure you’re surrounded by the best of the best!

Choosing family and to a certain degree, your co-workers is a limited proposition. But choosing your friends – that’s totally and completely up to you to decide. Choose these people wisely, and when it comes to friendships, look for quality instead of quantity.

As an adult reaches full maturity, they’re much more apt to state that they would choose to have just a few close friends than a wide variety of acquaintances. There is a reason for this! As we live and grow, we want to have around us those who will challenge us to grow, too.

But choosing those people takes time and trust, so it stands to reason that you’ll spend your time honing in on the relationships that will serve you the best and are the most aligned with who you are, personally.

For instance, someone who is very attuned to the earth and derives pleasure and encouragement from being outdoors will probably have very little in common with someone who lives in a big city and enjoys shopping and fancy restaurants. Neither of these is better or worse, they are just not aligned with the other.

In keeping your circle of influence very small – maybe four-to-six people, maybe only two or three – you can create closer bonds with those people, and come to rely on them when you need them.

And in learning, reaching and growing, you will have times when you will need to call on them. When you have friends that understand what makes you up, what’s important to you, and what your ultimate goals are in life, and who also reflect similar intentions, you build deep and lasting friendships full of support.

This is why the relationships with those in your inner circle are so vital to your success and happiness! These are the people you will turn to in times of need, and also in times of celebration. It only makes sense that you create a small but intimate circle around you that thinks the same way you do, yet will challenge you when necessary.


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