When You Know Youré Good

20150917_123229Over the last week, I’ve had the awesome privilege of opening up a new Press Center for Ducati North America… using it for Training. A strange thing happened during that experience and while this sounds like a self-tooting horn, its meant to inspire. What a blessing it is to do something you are extraordinarily good at. When you find a sweet spot and ride it for everything its worth — wow!

IMG_0014As I worked with Dan Trotti to finalize the appearance of the venue, ordered and assembled furniture, mounted branded tool cabinets, cleaned lifts and organized training motorcycles as assets; I began to feel anxious and excited to share the new venue with our first technical class. As the class arrived, I visualized the potential they had. By the end of the week, I believe we have added a new team of very qualified individuals to the Ducati Family.

20150918_183109When you know you’re good at what you do it allows you a freedom like no other. As I embrace this new freedom I am reminded of how fleeting it can be. Maintaining this freedom takes work. Once you get to this level of freedom, it becomes so important to concentrate on Personal Development pushing the envelope to stay at the top of your game. You also have to check your “six”. The naysayers are right behind you to second guess your every move.  Operate above reproach and bask in the glow because the reward is: You Know You’re Good.