When Goals Change

I am a big advocate of GOALS. I believe you need to keep a carrot in front of you to chase, all the time. Always be pushing toward something. Sometimes it can be difficult to juggle, like when I take on too many goals at once… but a good leader knows when to adjust. This month has had a few adjustments.

I had it in my head that I was going to break the 10-mile wall. I had been running weekly to build my endurance and fitness but had last run up to eight miles. The week I had planned my ten-mile run, I crashed my KTM dirt bike and twisted my knee. I figured it would just be a week or two, but that’s turned into a month and some x-rays. Turns out I have severely sprained my ankle and the Doctor says it may be months before running is on the menu. Does that mean the goal is canceled? Hades NOT!

I changed things up a bit. I found that bicycling didn’t aggravate the ankle and knee as much as the pounding of running. So I dug out the old Road Bike and logged the miles. I downloaded the Strava Andriod Application and used that to track my progress. I was having so much fun, I dug out the Mountain Bike too. (Of course, I only ride one of them at a time)

For the Road-bike, the goal is riding to the beach. For the Mountian Bike, the goal is getting to the top of Skyline Trail. I am up to 36 miles in one ride on the old Panasonic, and just this morning I got nearly to the top of the Trail. These goals are important… not just in doing something – but in seeing the results.

Just this morning I was helping my son do some chores. He was to sweep the Kitchen and Family Room. He swept, but the debris behind was incredible. Dog fur, grass, dirt, who knows what was all over. It almost looked worse. I asked him if it looked like he had swept and he replied with “I swept, Dad… I did it”. This became a great life lesson in results versus action. We checked the clock and nailed the task together. In minutes the floor was clean and we discussed the concept of people doing the least to go through the motions over people that focus on results. We compared the times and the times were nearly identical — it was the intention that changed.

The goal was clean floors, not circling the house. In my case the goal wasn’t the run, it is the fitness and a way to measure it. I cannot let this ankle be the excuse for putting the weight back on. I have to keep active and continue to burn the calories at a substantial rate to make up for what I choose to eat. Yeah.. I choose to eat.