What’s Your One-Pager Bio

Do you have a prepared one-pager to introduce yourself? Are you a speaker, coach, author or potential guest to be introduced at a formal gathering? One of the things that separates a professional from an accidental success is preparation.

If you go to this link – https://sway.office.com/r7Suqn2kLUKvuhro?ref=Link you will see an example of being prepared.

Notice some things about the piece you are linking to. It includes a modern picture – something they can copy for a presentation. It is written in third person, so it is easy for them to use without having to re-write.

Also – side note – when you write in third person it is simply less braggadocio in nature. “I did this, I did that” gets hard to listen to, but when it reads like someone else is describing you… it is more palatable.

So here is my challenge today. Write one of these about you. If you have the stomach to share it – post it on the Manana No Mas! Facebook Page.