What will you do with your Corona-time??

My news feed has been popping this whole week! With friends all over the world and the commonality of the Internet bringing us all together, I like many of you, have been in shock with the ramifications of the coronavirus. As I sit in my Home Office and look at my friends with their canceled speaking engagements, friends under quarantine with travel, and the uncertainty of possibly not going to work the next day, I felt drawn to take action.

But what can one guy do working in a Home Office with a small team?

Looking at the Manana No Mas! Academy, I was struck with the depth of personal development, goal setting, leadership, and fitness content we have available. People all over the world are running to an online education model and the Manana No Mas! Academy is already there! Rather than capitalize on a bad situation (like gas stations on Memorial Day), I wanted to do something that I thought would help people where they were at.

Most of the articles on the news have been talking about a 60-day hiatus in activities. from international travel especially with Princess cruise lines to sporting events and the like, a lot of people are gonna have some spare time. What better way to spend that spare time than to invest in yourself? This investment with the manana no mas Academy isn’t going to cost you thousands of dollars, not even hundreds.

For this limited time, I am offering everybody our full access personal development package for just $89.95! This includes our newest course the manana no mas disciplined mind as well as the other courses you see listed below.

If not now? When?

If not you? Who?

Not only would you get access to the courses, but you also get access to me! Many of the courses that we offer include BI-weekly support call masterminds. During this period of possible isolation for people, I want to up the ante and offer these calls on a weekly basis. This gives our members the ability to create relationships with others and to take better advantage of the time inside the Academy. It’s like having a coach in your living room (unless you think that’s creepy parentheses)         🙂