What a Difference a Year Makes

014Trite but true, I am sitting in my living room after saying goodbye to my Italian Boss shocked at how much has changed in the last year. When I first met him in 2013, he literally seemed shocked I had gotten the job with Ducati and was very distant. He actually said “I do  not know why they sent you here, I do not know what I should do with you”.

Thinking about that moment and the pride-check it became, I remember sitting in my hotel in Bologna thinking “Maybe this was a huge mistake”.  Fast forward to today. I literally took the day away from the office and had my family help me prepare the house. It’s nearly 2 years after that first meeting with Francesco and now? Now he is on vacation to the United States and coming to my home for dinner with his family.

In the last 2 years, I have been to Italy 5-6 times and formed relations with these people that seemed so distant just 2 years ago. Now they are friends – if not more than that. With a wife and 2 girls (6 & 11) the visit played out wonderfully. You know how I know that? I just enjoyed the time, the fellowship and the blending of two families over a meal. In the recent past I would have been stumbling over people to take pictures and post to Facebook. Tonight, everyone left and I thought “Wow! Not one picture!”.  I still want to record it – hence this post… but it’s hit me lately that if I just concentrate on enjoying the moment more than documenting the moment, its more meaningful.

What did we eat? Well, Heidi and I wanted to blend the meal, so we had Pasta Carbonara, Steak, Fresh Steamed Broccoli, Roasted Potatoes, Garlic Bread, Apple Pie and Ice Cream. They brought the wine — yummy. We finished up with Limoncello for the adults and great conversation. Next year it has been decided, we will travel to Italy as a family and soon my clan will understand some of the history and passion that surrounds me in my job.