Warrior Dash Refreshes Soul with Mud

The team before the run
The team before the run

At my age, I sometimes feel like I am in a state of decay. Wow! What a way to start a post! Truth is, I am pretty active, but the weight is harder to keep off and the idea that my brain sometimes says to do things my body says “no” to can be a distraction.  In steps my sister Kim.

Warrior Dash MudShe’s 6 years younger than me, but has done the Warrior Dash 5 times. I admire her for doing it solo, with friends, with spouse and getting it done. Through her inspiration, I signed up this year for the NorCal Warrior Dash. In an effort to make sure I wouldn’t bail on my own idea – I published a challenge to the Ducati North America office to join me. I had one taker. Then I had the spouse of a co-worker commit as well. Team “Duc-Duc-Goose” was a reality.

To train, I began walking near daily, mountain biking, and the occasional short run (3-5 miles). That was it – nothing crazy.

Yesterday was the day. We joined up at Melanie’s house and squeezed into my VW Beetle Convertible. 2 hours later we were on a shuttle bus down a dirt road to the Warrior Dash Festival. Once there, I immediately was at ease. Sure there were athletic people dashing about… but there were also incredibly friendly average people mulling about as well. We checked our clothes into the gear check and headed to the start zone.

Warrior Dash RewardA few quick stretches, and little comedic banter and “poof” we’re off. Jet blasts of flame overhead tells us its time to run. The path is near vertical and extremely dusty, but the pace is self-governed. Melanie and I stuck together as a team. As we approached the first of 12 obstacles, I thought how in the world am I going to drag my 230 pound body over that? A minute later – I was over it and giddy as a schoolgirl.

An hour later I was in the shower line and a cold Shock Top was directly after that.