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There is no doubt that almost every one of us has witnessed a case of a viral video phenomenon firsthand.  There have been numerous ads from the cats playing a piano to the latest ads on Cars all of which have attained the viral status. We also know that there is great potential in having content that is viewed by an astonishing number of people and even better if those people are interested in your content.

It is important to note that video is not the only content that has the potential to go viral; in the recent past there have been quite several forum comments, blog posts, images, and infographics that have reached that acclaimed status of viral.

Any marketer that is worth his salt has some sense of understanding of the potential that lies in marketing via the internet. However, comprehending that and coming up with content that disseminates like wildfire are two separate things – the latter being a tad bit of a challenging feat. The underlying principle here is that for content to go viral it is completely dependent on having many people who have a similar emotional reaction to that content that you have shared.

There have been a number of skeptical marketers that have categorically proclaimed that is virtually impossible to come up with content that will go viral and the characteristic of being viral is not a product that is independent, but it is more of an effect. This means that there can be a viral reaction to a given post be it a blog post or an image, but the content in itself does not have the attribute of being viral.

Can you really create content that is viral?

In this guide you are going to learn several things concerning making viral content. The aim is to give you a comprehensive knowledge on the subject matter that will help you come up with content that will go viral. The guide will cover the following:

  1. What is the definition of viral content and why do people share it?
  2. Understanding the customer and then charming the viewers with your content
  3. Reviews of case studies of the past
  4. An outline of the processes for coming up with the content that will be shared.

There will be use of some academic studies that will encompass a number of real-life examples together with a couple of innovative ideas in order to offer you the best possible guidance.

Remember, this is in no way a step-by-step guide that will enable you to make your content go viral. The objective here is to uncover the possibility of planning and designing a content that will be able to go viral and then give you some direction on where to begin. It would not be possible to offer you a step-by-step guide given that creating an excellent content needs to be approached to from a number of different perspectives for each business. It is not a one size fits all type of thing, because let us be honest there is a strong correlation between viral content and emotional response.

After reading the guide the outcome that you should expect is that you will indeed have a clearer direction as to the path that your digital marketing plan needs to take to achieve higher levels of engagement.

What is a Viral Content and why are they usually Shared?

It is quite difficult to foretell what content is going to go viral; there are so many excellent contents that have achieved this status of viral and similarly there are those that have never really taken off. What makes these differences? And what similar attributes, if there are any, exist between the content that have gone viral?

There was a research study that was carried out by Jonah Berger and Katherine Milkman to find out what causes content to go viral online. This research entailed countless hours of studying over 7000 articles in The New York Times over a 3-month period. Additionally, a control experiment was performed in a laboratory with several participants.

The aim of this research was to unearth the underlying emotional component or sentiment that was in the articles that received the greatest number of shares to understand if there were any discernible patterns. After doing this, the scientists performed the controlled lab experiments to recreate and measure the levels of arousal in the participants to understand how this affected to sharing of content.

It would be worth your while to read the research paper by the two scientists if you are fascinated by the workings of the psychology of social sharing and the corresponding sentiments that result in a viral blog.

The findings of Berger and Milkman were as follows:

  • There is a higher likelihood that positive content will become viral as compared to negative content, but the workings of this are not so binary.
  • The vital component in social sharing comes down to the overall level of arousal in the reader or viewer. Basically, the more highly aroused an individual is whether positively or negatively the more their activity is going to be in sharing the content in question; this is regardless of whether the content they are sharing has a relation to the cause of their mood.
  • Content that is positive that is characteristically amusing, surprising or awe-inspiring is likely to be shared more often.
  • Content that is negative but causes feelings of anxiety or anger is likely to be shared more often.
  • Content that is not emotive or does not arouse is naturally not going to be viral
  • One of the reasons that people share content is because they hope that the content will result in the same social standing in others or will generate reciprocity or simply to be of benefit to others.

In their control experiment, Berger and Milkman attempted to control several factors such as the length of exposure, the page published, the notoriety of the writer, and other factors in order to make sure that it was only the content and its overall emotiveness that caused the reader to share the content.

What can Marketers learn from this?

If the characteristic of being viral can be comprehended via the prevailing emotional state of the person sharing, and the level of arousal, then it is possible to prepare the video content or the written content to generate the relevant emotional response.

Basically, what you can learn here is that there is no need to play this in a very conservative manner. In order to provoke the necessary levels of arousal like surprise, awe, amusement anxiety or anger, then you need to be prepared to push the boundaries and come up with something that is original.

Understanding your Customers and then Charming Them

Now that we have given you some insight on why people chose to share content like they do, in a bid to make this guide as useful as possible, you should now investigate creating content that is fascinating and capable of arousing your customers in a manner that it will cause them to share it.

Scholars have come up with several personality triggers that are capable of captivating and persuading your readers.

Sally Hogshead wrote in her book about the 7 personality triggers that have the potential of persuasiveness. This was written following years of research on fascination. This book is very insightful and if you are interested you should investigate reading it.

The following are the triggers of fascination as they were listed in the book:

  1. Passion or Lust

It was noted that the companies and individuals that have this trigger for passion can make connections with others and develop a close relationship with their customers. Can you think of the first time that you strutted into an Apple store and almost instantaneously you started to salivate over the latest iPhone? Well, that is called lust. Human beings often get a similar level of psychological effect when they think of food, sex, cars, and many other products or services that can evoke some anticipation of a pleasurable experience.

  • Alarm

Alarm can be defined as the instinct that is within all of us and we use it to stay alive in those stressful moments – it is often referred to as the fight or flight instinct. Your body will go into a state of alarm during an event such as losing your child or when you are walking in an unsafe area late in the night. Naturally, people will tend to avoid situations that are not pleasant or dangerous, therefore the alarm trigger is used to warn your body of the unpleasant possibilities that would come to be if you remain inactive thereby causing your body to have a rapid reaction. Here we can take an example of the FedEx company that has amalgamated to trust (which is another kind of trigger) and Alarm to come up with a highly successful business. Here as a marketer, you can clearly outline the consequences that exist and then come up with deadlines. This is simply a case of leveraging fear.

  • Mystique

This can be defined as the action of withholding something and refusing to reveal it. Naturally, humans will develop a sense of curiosity when there is a lack of fulfilment. The author of the book posits that there are 4 distinct ways in which you can cause mystique. First you cause curiosity, then you ensure that you withhold information about it, then develop some mythology around it, and lastly ensure that access to it is limited.

The key to mystique is in the narration of stories and not in the facts. Take the case of Coca-Cola, it is known that the secret ingredient to their drink is well kept in a vault somewhere, and the mythology here is that there are only 2 people in the world that have a list of the ingredients.

  • Power

There are some cases in the social interactions of human beings in which they do not wish to be in control; they would prefer to give the reigns of control to other people. One good example of such a situation is with the personal trainer at the local gym or with a digital marketer. A great majority of the small business owners prefer to focus their energy and attention to the core business and have the digital marketing done by someone else like an agency so that they do not have to ponder over it.

  • Prestige

Prestige can be described as a perceived sense of respect by others. Naturally, individuals will tend to obsess over the symbols of respect or rank. People will strive hard to attain high standards and the physical evidence of their so-called success; this could be in the form of a simple thank you, gift card, or even a high salary. You can find a diverse array of prestige on the supermarket shelves today. Why would you prefer to pay significantly more for a product that is branded as compared to the brand of the supermarket? Why is it that an iPhone will cost so much more than a similar phone of another brand? If you intend to leverage the fascination trigger of prestige then you will need to limit the overall availability and access of your product, you can start hiking the price so that the accessibility of the product is limited. However, you need to be able to live up to the expectation created by the higher price. You should note that this strategy requires a leap of faith, patience, and willingness to invest for the long term.

  • Vice or Rebellion

Every one of us sometimes gets that feeling of wanting to do something differently or breaking the rules. Vice can be described as that feeling of desire that someone gets whenever they are told that they cannot have something that they want. Everyone remembers Monica Lewinsky because of the scandal that surrounded her. However, she was able to use this sense of vice to market her handbag line.

Also Apple was successful in the rebellious campaign in their “Think Different” campaign during that period when the company was lagging significantly behind Microsoft.

Hogshead posits that you should begin by changing some perceived expectations to evoke a vice. She notes that a company in the electronics industry could come up with a set of headphones that they can market with a volume setting such as road to deafness to subtly trigger a vice.

  • Trust

Finally, trust is born from a sense of familiarity or predictability. Here the key messages that you give your audience should be consistent, clear, and reliable; you should make an effort to repeat and rehash the message. Let us take an example of the local McDonald’s no matter where it is, you know exactly what it is you can expect from the restaurant. It is the same case for Starbucks. This is what is known as reliability.

You should strive to get rid of all elements of uncertainty, surprise, or chaos in order to inspire a sense of trust in your brand.

The research performed by Hogshead provides a great insight on how others think, how they think of you, and it also helps you to understand yourself, your brand, and your business. You can also get to understand the various triggers of fascination and how you can leverage them to enable your business to grow.

What marketers can learn from this?

There is a need for you to comprehensively understand your brand or business prior to applying any of the triggers of fascination with any real efficacy.

You should aim to understand at least two triggers that are your strong suit and leverage them in your messaging.

Other than being a necessary component of developing the culture of your brand, to ensure that your marketing is viral, you must define your core purpose and beliefs. Delve deep into your history and heritage, services, and products, and how you and your team should conduct yourselves.

Viral Contents: Case Studies and learning Points

In order for you to be able to understand these theories or put them into context, there are some examples that we have selected for you to study. These examples encompass some of the content that was shared prolifically in the past. The aim here is to enable you to connect the theories and apply the knowledge to your business.

An excellent place to start is Facebook’s list of articles that have been shared the most times since 2011. From this we can take note of a few interesting points:

  1. Many of the sources of this content are from the major news sites
  2. Animals have taken up approximately 3 articles
  3. Personal relationships account for 2 articles
  4. And finally, Japan has featured twice in this list as a result of the earthquakes and the aftermath that followed the earthquakes.

On the face value, this information is quite interesting to view, but its usefulness to many users is quite limited given that these sites got to that status simply because they are powerhouses in the media and advertisement field. What does this mean for the smaller businesses? What content that has been published by the regular Joe has been effective in their niches?

Here is when we will need to get a closer look at the niche that has some relation with most of the readers at KISSmetrics; and this is the digital marketing field. Let us select on the high traffic sites in this niche and a good example would be Search Engine Land. Delving around their content that have been most shared from 2011 you will find that there are plenty of articles here for our study. Moreover, there are some articles that they have written by themselves.

One of the most eye-catching posts is a piece they have done concerning some of the SEO post that gained the most popularity in 2011.

These posts have some interesting characteristics that you should investigate:

  1. Out of the 25 posts, 8 of these were guides in nature and contained the words “how to” in the post titles. This goes to show people are often looking for content that will help them solve a common problem.
  2. Of the 25, 14 posts were still guiding but concerning specific subjects
  3. The last 3 were reviews or commentaries on a given topic that was of considerable interest.

What we can note from the analysis of the data on Search Engine Land is that the most successful content has the attribute of being able to satisfy the reader’s primary need is an effective manner. Search Engine Land is basically a blog that is designed for people to visit whenever they are looking for a solution on a given problem or advice on any given issue such as search marketing. You will be able to note that although there is plenty of information concerning the major changes that are happening on sites such as Google or the other big data websites, the key areas of interest on this site are how to get the basic day to day things done. It is literally a forum where professionals would go to seek professional help.

Now we shall advance to some of the videos that achieved the status of being viral.

Charlie Bit My Finger

We shall begin with this popular video that is named Charlie bit my finger. This video has a whopping 800 million views and counting. The age of the finger notwithstanding, this video does not need any mention.

The question that we need to ask ourselves here is quite simple. How did this video achieve this coveted viral status? What is it about this video that made it become a viral video?

If we can refer to the earlier study on the anatomy of sharing, we can be able to see that this video is positive in the sense that if offers some sense of amusement. A great majority of people shared this content simply because it caused them to get a sensation of happiness; they smiled and probably thought to themselves, “that is so cute.” Looking at the video now, it may be old and may not be as viral, but it will still make you chuckle when you see the reaction of Harry (Charlie’s brother) when Charlie clamps down on him a little too hard.

With reference to the triggers of fascination, what we can say is being exhibited here is vice simply because we are rather pleased when we watch the cute reaction of Charlie’s older brother Harry when some pain is inflicted upon him by Charlie. Let us be honest, the main reason this video is funny is because Charlie has hurt him, and this is not exactly a good thing hence the video appeals to our vice. The second trigger of fascination is trust simply because this video is rather mild and can be found pleasant and enjoyable by all people from all walks of life. Moreover, the parents of Charlie were able to leverage the trust of this video to come up with an app on both the Apple store and Google Playstore that enable the users to develop their own Charlie moments. The brand “Charlie bit my finger” is known to be both reliable and safe and therefore we can trust it.

Here is a link to that video:

If you were to search for the video on Google, then you would find almost 15,000 results on this video alone. Along with it you will find:

  • A wide array of parodies to this video
  • Several blogs that have mentioned the video, such as the one you are currently reading.
  • Shares on social media such as Facebook, Delicious, and Reddit.

If you go ahead to search for the video on Twitter, then you will find that the video is still being shared regardless of the fact that it has been many years since it became viral. Charlie’s parent has been able to profit from this video with revenues of almost $500, 000! This is a staggering amount to earn from just one cute video.

Dollar Shave Club

We shall now advance to a video that is a tad bit different from the one we just sampled; Dollar Shave Club: Our Blades are [email protected]#*ing Great.

There is an exceedingly high chance that the first time that you watched this video you were thoroughly amused, if not in stitches. The video does a great job of selling the advertised product to the target audience of men, with the added advantage of it being very daring and comical.

The reason as to why this video was share as many times as it was is humor. Most often than not, people will go ahead to show their friends and colleagues something that they view to be funny. The makers of this video decided to take some calculated risks with their brand when they used swear words in their marketing and also made humor of the efficiencies that existed within the company’s production line.

With reference to the triggers of fascination, we can say that the brand is leveraging vice with the swear words and an element of alarm when they focus on the low price of the blades as well as reminding the viewers not to forget to buy the razors.

The result of this video was that in just two months the video was able to garner over 5 million views on YouTube and over 43,000 likes.

Searching for this video on Google will yield approximately 4000 mentions. And just like the other video, it has been featured several times on social bookmarking sites and blogs. It has been shared in a prolific manner on Twitter, Facebook and even LinkedIn among other social media sites.

On the financial perspective, this video ensured that the company received over 5000 sign ups on the very first day that the video was launched causing the site to break from the sheer volume of traffic that it was receiving.

It is also interesting to note that the makers of the video invested approximately $ 4,500!

Official Ojai Valley Taxidermy TV Commercial

This is one of the most brilliant videos that you can see on the internet. It shows that viral status can be achieved by almost anyone. This video was made by a small local business and despite the size and budget of the company, it was able to gross over 12 million view in just 9 months

The production team for the video was just but a couple of YouTube aficionados Link and Rhett

. These two are one of the most creative and genuinely hilarious characters that you will find online. When you have the time and in need of a hearty laugh you should check out their channel on YouTube.

As you would have already guessed, the key element for success of this video was humor. You cannot underestimate the innate desire of people to share content that they deem to be funny. But this video is a tad bit different with respect to the brand values and the way it can awe its viewers. Analyzing this video, it is evident that there is no distinct connection between the business in question and the video. The video is however a great tool that manages to create awareness and attracts the attention of the audience concerning the name of the owner.

When you search for this video on Google you will find a whopping 12,000 results on it, and as expected, from a diverse range of sites. A contributing factor for the success of this video is the fact that Chuck Testa has grown into something of a star in the recent past. Around 12 results on Google will come up for that name alone.

It is worth noting that the producers of this video, Rhett and Link have approximately 900,000 subscribers to their YouTube channel. They have a following for their prowess in comedy and with that you can expect that they will be in a unique position to give the video a boost to viral status in the early stages of its journey.

It is important to note that marketing a post is an important element if you intend your video or blog to be viral.

A Recipe to Make your Content go Viral

There are many marketers that will tell you that you need to put in share buttons and invite buttons everywhere on your content and it will disseminate like wildfire. Most of them will even tell you that it is easy, and you do not need any strategy in order to make you content go viral. However, by now you should have understood that it is not that simple, there is a need to first understand the basics to tap into this potential.

The status of being viral is not a feature, it can be better described as a principle. You cannot simply stumble onto it by sheer luck, rather you will need to engineer it. Attempting to coerce your users to make use of random share buttons will not yield you the results that you desire. You must strive to understand your audience and come up a user flow that will guide you to sharing.

You need to understand you position as a marketer; a cute video of a cat or “Charlie bit me” has a chance of going viral by chance but a software product will not. There is a need for you to apply yourself and figure out which features will work for you in all situations. This part of the guide is intended to provide you with a step-by-step guide to help you make your content viral. However, you need to understand that by simply just copy pasting the steps does not necessarily mean that it will work for you; you need to evaluate and see what will work out for the best in your case.

In terms of strategy, what would suit your product the most? What would make the consumers fall in love with it? It goes without saying that nobody would wish to make an inferior product. Therefore, come up with a tool that is awesome, and then your main job would be to gently persuade the users to share the features.

Needless to mention, there are products that have a higher potential of going viral as compared to others. Collaboration and sharing of information are very beneficial for startups as it is able to unveil the true nature of the product when it used by others.

For instance, without other people, Skype would not really work given that you do not really need software to talk to yourself. Similarly, without your friends Facebook would be a tad bit redundant as you do not need it to keep in touch with yourself.

Products such as Facebook and Skype have a high viral co-efficient which is simply a term used to describe the number of new users that a current user is able to generate.

The following are some of the steps that will help you in finding out how to best increase the viral potential of your product.

Understanding Your Audience

You need to understand that only the users that are engaged will be inclined to share content. Ergo, prior to drafting your strategy to make your content viral, ensure that you can engage and activate your users in an effective manner. Like we had mentioned earlier, the process will start from a simple thought such as “I find this funny. I think Samantha will like it as well.”

To arrive at that particular point then will be absolutely necessary that your user feels that the product is able to bring forth some sense of value. It is important that you remember that the inherent benefits of any given product must be understandable to both the advertiser and the one to whom it is being advertised. There is no need to use a value proposition that is complicated as this will only work to spoil the conversation.

It is worth noting that in some cases it might take a long time to create that viral status, but at the end of it all it always pays off.

Remember that the strongest motivation that most people receive from sharing content is simply the satisfaction of it all; by simply knowing that you helped Samantha, it is possible that you will aid the rapidness of this process. You should also endeavor to find out the motivation factor for your users other than satisfaction; do they crave a cash reward? Do they want: An improved subscription plan? Free credits for participating? VIP Accounts? Fun features? It is also worthwhile to fully understand who your users will want to recommend your product to.

If you can gather this information, then you will be in a better position to understand and design your user flow which is comprised of the Motivation then the Trigger then the Action and finally the Reward. The key to success here lies in combining the appropriate motivation with the desired reward. From here, all you need to ensure that sharing occurs is just for you to come up with the most effective Triggers.

Integrate your content with the other systems that your audience uses

Studies have shown that the most effective Triggers are those that appear to be completely effortless or rather those that are not forced. Therefore, you will need to come up with innovative ways of getting access to the contacts of your users. A bad strategy would be to request someone to sign off on your app so that they manually write you an email.

Ergo, alternative ecosystems would be the most appropriate leverage to achieve viral growth as they have a great potential lead. You will need to integrate with the mail systems, phone apps and APIs to get to the next step.

Ensuring the satisfying process is Easy and Natural

If you need examples of products that are capable of disseminating in a rapid manner among the target audience then you need not look further than Rapportive and Yesware. Within this product there is genuine values and therefore the users will share it to one another without the need of any additional share features. The most common medium here is word of mouth as there is a seamless integration with Gmail. It literally takes less than 2 seconds to come up with a message such as, “Hey Samantha, check out Yesware. It is awesome!” This is the definition of a natural process. You need to understand that embedding extra sharing features will not be as effective as when you are already in with the email.

Also Hackpad does not feature any sharing buttons; the sharing is seamless whenever you feel the need to show your document to others. And special thanks to Google integration and Facebook it is not necessary that you know the email of the other person. A drop down list containing the contact of the people you know will appear whenever you begin to type, you then simply pick the right person and share the content.

Leveraging your Presence in the Existing Networks

It is important to remember that there is no way that you can force your users to share any activity through their email or social media. It is important that they perform this task all on their own. However, it is possible for you to propose sharing the most appropriate moment within the user flow. With the help of you can be able to disseminate content to 8 different platforms simultaneously. That is exactly what you should aim for, getting a greater reach.

There is some great potential in auto shares, however it is important that you ensure that they have an alignment with the motivations of your users. Let us take a look at Spotify that utilized Facebook OpenGraph in order to pepper newsfeed with various musical activities.

The success of this strategy was very sound given that almost everyone has nothing against music, it is universal. But this strategy would not have the same results if it were used for other private activities.

Ensure that Users refer your products.

Sometimes you may realize that simply sharing your contents as well as activities may not be enough. Here is where you need to consider experimenting with a number of referral programs. Nevertheless, you should note that the quality of shares would rank much higher in terms of preference than the quantity of shares. You need to exert some caution when making use of referral programs given that SPAM invitations do not have the potency they once had.

It is imperative that you ensure that the message gets across to your users such that they should make few invitations but they should focus only on the friends that would be an appropriate match for your product or service. It is only by offering some kind of benefit to the interested parties that you would be able to ensure that your users become more engaged in the process as compare to just arbitrarily sending the message to all your friends.

For instance, Uber will offer 10 Dollars for every friend that you are able to invite up to a maximum of 30 friends. Going by the available data collected, the uber drivers note that free rides are the most significant growth factor.

It is almost a universal principle that people love products that are free. Therefore adopting this kind of referral will get you significant amount of publicity in a very rapid manner.

Nevertheless, there is a potential pitfall in using this strategy. It was noted that a number of the users on uber started to market and advertise their referral links to people who were total strangers to them in order to get more free rides. Building on this, you may wish to consider on using a referral system that is in-built and abandon the policy of giving out free money.

For instance, you may want to consider offering something like a 1 week free trial for every friend who accepts an invitation. This minimizes your exposure to the risk of revenue loss.

Moreover, referrals can be an excellent way of getting to and activating a number of users within a given organization. Here, virtually anybody would be able to sign up by simply confirming a company address. Following which the users would be able to invite their co-workers that have an email with the same domain.

It would be much like the way Facebook was in its initial stages where you needed to confirm your Harvard email address prior to joining a Harvard network. Moreover, the users can develop a private external group or community in order to communicate with vendors, partners, customers and suppliers among others. The implication of this is that it would be able to create an inter-network viral share by making use of new company networks.

Therefore, it can be noted that it is possible to make referral to work on the single user apps as well as the B2B apps.

Make use of The Fun Factor

There are so many cases where you do not necessarily have to part with cash in order to gratify your core brand ambassadors. Take a leaf from Trello and the strategy that they are implementing with Trello Gold. They will lure their customers in with fun features such as stickers, special backgrounds, a crown for your avatar, and custom emoji among others. In this way, the users will end up having more cloud space and they will also feel a tad bit special.

This company was able to come up with a business class for businesses that demand more administrative control over their brand. They also made Trello Gold which is basically for the aficionados who want nothing more than to support an app that they are fond of and also get more functionality and fun in the process.

Understand your limits

This may sound contradictory to everything that you have been trying to achieve, however, sometimes rapid growth may actually reach a certain level where it is not beneficial to you. Let us take the scenario that your business is mostly concerned about a quality community then in this case it would be very important to you that you set a ceiling for the growth that you intend to achieve. When you over saturate your community then it would become too hard for you to maintain a certain level of quality. Here an appropriate example would be Quibb which is a social network that is used by entrepreneurs. This network will only accept a maximum of 34 per cent of the applications that it receives. This information has even been publicly declared on their page. The result of this is that the people that manage to get into the page will end up feeling special and appreciated. Moreover, they will become a tad bit more selective when it comes to referring their friends to Quibb. The average user would almost be thinking, “Hey Samantha, I have been accepted to this unique community. Let us see if you can be accepted as well.”

Seek out Extra Opportunities

It has been noted that very many products stand to benefit greatly when they have the banner of “powered by”. There are some marketers that are of the opinion that this strategy is antiquated and is not effective, however, sometimes old is gold given that this “powered by” strategy is still being used. You are probably wondering how this particular strategy works. Well it is quite simple; you only need to embed a small link within your products in the website of your customers. The implication of this would be that the customers would be advertising your product each and every time that they use it. The following are some of the successful examples that we can use:

Qualaroo is one of the companies that make use of the powered by link and it has had some significant benefits for the company. For instance over 12 per cent of all the sales that the company made can be directly attributable to the use of powered by link. In fact, these customers clicked the link and purchased the products via the same computer. Nevertheless, a great majority of the sales are often organic that means that they were either as a result of a specific key word or  direct sales. When a survey was conducted on the customers, it was established that they noticed Qualaroo as it was running within another site.

The managers of Qualaroo noted that in most cases the need for their services is not instantaneous, however whenever an individual ponders as to why some users are abandoning a certain site and it is then that they would recall that Qualaroo would be a potential solution to their current problem. Ergo the effectiveness of strategy such as “powered by” needs to take into account the view based conversation in addition to the small probability that customers will stumble on it impulsively.

From this we are able to see that there are a number of start-up founders that still believe and will attest to the power of referrals as a tool for acquiring new customers.

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In conclusion we can see that it is very desirable that your contents achieve the status of being viral because there is great potential in this as a marketer. More people virtually translate to more sales. However, we have seen that making content become viral is not an easy feat. There is some thought that needs to go into this prior to it becoming viral. Cute random content have the ability to become random but products and services are not going to be as easy. You also need to understand the triggers of fascination that exist for your product and those that are able to result in it being viral. Its only through understanding this that you would be able to leverage the fascination triggers and cause people to share it. Also, it is important to understand that making content to become viral is a difficult process but if you follow the above mentioned processes then there is a high likelihood that your content shall become viral. You should look into mixing the aforementioned ideas and evaluate the ones that will be able to yield the best results for your brand.