Video Diaries – Q4 ’20 Mañana No Mas! Morning Check In

This page is a collection of the Daily Mañana No Mas! Morning Check-in Show. I use this YouTube LIVE platform to keep clients, listeners, and friends up to date on projects and influences on the Mañana No Mas! initiative.

My goal through this process is to SHOW PEOPLE how connected the efforts are through Mañana No Mas! as opposed to what some may see as disconnected. With 30-years of Automotive, Aviation, RV, Powersports and Marine service experience combined with being a WordPress power user and web-developer… I have a unique perspective.

This perspective is enhanced with the training earned through the John Maxwell Team, and participating in an inner circle of experts designing Membership and Learning tools for the web.

Enjoy the ride!

Happy New Year – Enjoy your holiday.
Happy Holidays – a super short one
12/21 Live disappeared??
Work is great – how’s your message?
Took a J-O-B and looking forward to it.
Pulled off the 5 hour Roundtable
Happy Thanksgiving.
New podcast – Happy Holiday Week
Why I don’t post politics often
The Powersport Roundtable is a go!!
How do you build learning and membership community?
Happy Friday the 13th!!
Job Possibilities post election. Dig in.
Flood yourself with Positive energy
Stay positive, step forward, get a goal…
Post Election – Let’s move forward. Bike Course.
It’s been a couple days.
A little piece of positivity to share…
Happy Birthday Haydon. Get up, get mobile, stay positive.
Missed you yesterday… in a 2-day training workshop