Video Diaries – Q1 2022 Mañana No Mas! Morning Check In

Here we are with another quarter to post my near-daily messages to you. Thank you for sharing time with me and if you have any feedback – hit the contact link in the main menu and give me a shout.

These video diaries are linked to my YouTube channel. I have broken the diaries into Annual Quarters as linking to all these videos can delay the page to load. Please be patient… or better yet… subscribe to the Mañana No Mas! YouTube channel and get notified as I go live.

Automation is good with physical follow up
Earth Day my Butt!
Trolled on faith
Urgent over Important? How do you fix that?
Missed appointments
New Opportunities – listen for referrals
Bonus – How open are you to criticism and change?
Dropped the ball? Pick it up.
Where is your next dollar coming from?
Are you stoked for today?
When the wins come
Interviewed Gene Today
Today is about relationships…
Focus on relationships
What a great day.
Don’t put off your projects. Get to know your people.
Groundhogg Event was FIRE yesterday
call to action today… Let’s get something going.
Positive Feedback Equals Energy
Upcoming exposure on Larger Podcasts…
Book progress and thoughts on Wisdom
Dang this cough!!! Let me tell you about the AIMExpo
We are on the ROAD!!!
The Summit Replay is up and the puzzle pieces of life are coming together.
AIMExpo is coming! Action Leadership talk a success.
working – forging forward – staying motivated
We are headed to the AIMExpo
Covid Recovery – AIMExpo coming and Proverb Wisdom
Recovery is coming