Tomorrow Makes Spartan!!

I am so excited for tomorrow! For months I have been focusing on the idea of hitting the Spartan Trifecta. I signed up for the first Spartan Race back in October or so… for the April 2018 event in Orte, Italy. The opportunity to share a place I love with my bride is tantalizing.

Looking at the calendar of events though, it seemed I had better get one under the belt prior to flying around the world. Living in SoCal is great. Bicycling is a year-round gig. Running is a year-round gig. Finally, mud run competitions are year-round.

I’ve been logging runs and cycling adventures all over Strava and watching my diet to get into shape. The part that makes me nervous is the body suspension obstacles. Pick something up? No problem. Pick me up? What?!?! To deal with this, I’ve been working on pull-ups to get the muscle memory built up.

Well… not much to worry about now. Get up in the morning and RUN!!!