The Elation of Overcoming

Life has its ups and downs, absolutely. What I can tell you firsthand though is that once you overcome some nonsense and get your act together, even when you feel you might be in just a little overhead — you have a renewed strength. You have a resolve to conquer the obstacle.

Please bear with me on this one. A few years ago, I was down in the dumps. I was coming off a job that had beat me up quite a bit and it didn’t just affect me. It affected the whole family. I got fat, wasn’t home much, made poor decisions, and was hard to be around. Thankfully, the healthy me is so over the top positive that people extended me a lot of grace in that time. Part of the trap was the false security that came with the paycheck.

So now add to the stress the idea that I wanted to quit but how do you give up that paycheck that everyone in your house is waiting on. Deep down you know you can do better, but life has beaten you down.

Fat Me – 2016 getting ready to leave my former employer

Well, I escaped. I committed to the John Maxwell Team certification. I got it done quickly and was ready to hit the pavement selling my talent. Then I got a job offer with an increase in opportunity and pay. Bam! The road to recovery. We had security back and I could mend the damage of the previous two years.

I dove into the Transformation Camp with my precious wife. Together we dropped a bunch of weight. For me, the fear was putting it right back on. I took the bike back out of the garage and started pedaling.

Two-Years later and I am still near the goal weight, but have increased my fitness tremendously.

Post-gym on a work trip – no more excuses

Now just a couple of years later, the time has come again to make decisions. How can I best leverage my knowledge and skill to add value to others and gain personal fulfillment? As a certified Speaker, Consultant and Trainer with published works, is there the fear that was there in 2016?

Absolutely NOT!

Certified in 2016

When I Mountain Bike now up a hill, I don’t worry about making it. I strive to beat my best time on Strava. When I reach out to people to offer a skill, it is generally scoped up with fervor. This is not to brag – it is to inspire. I eat what I want, drink what I want, run, bike, cross-fit and continue to create content while consuming other content. I don’t get locked into TV shows, news, politics or sports. I stay loosely aware – but not absorbed.

22-mile day on the saddle in SoCal

I think about what the 50+-year-old men were doing in my neighborhood as I grew up. They had J.O.B.’s and spent their evenings hanging at the VFW drinking Budweiser, smoking Pall Mall non-filter and playing pool. I am not the past generation and I pray I can add value to the next one.

Look at the title of the article. How do you think this feels? I was thrown out of Catholic School by a man that said I wouldn’t amount to anything. I had to recover from cancer as a teen. My only mentor as a young man was Earl Rotenberry, a vet that took me under his wing at age 19. The year I worked with him, and had his guidance, got my rudder turned a few degrees. There were failed relationships, jobs, businesses… but each led to a path.

Some people need to chase that “In your Face!” thing, to prove the naysayers wrong and while there is a little of that in me, the truth is being nice to people and winning my personal challenges is so fulfilling. I don’t have time to begrudge past obstacles. I actually feel sorry for them and pray for them.

Now at age fifty-two, at 210 pounds, there is nothing that is off the table to my family. The “Elation of Overcoming” is a sweet drug and hope to share it. We have so much time, so much opportunity, and the possibilities are endless. Do the work, feel the reward. I’ve posted other articles on this blog about fitness and its relationship to fiscal wins. I still hold to that. Find balance, chase goals – both fitness and professional. Win!