The Bandwagon – Not Jumping

Happy Holidays


I have the awesome privilege this year of being home with family. So many changes have befallen me and the family this year and while I see this New Year approach I see time and time again, people posting about what a horrible year it has been. It’s caused me to really stop and take stock.

I think of how 2015 ended and 2016 began. The contradiction in my life at that time was a fever pitch as I had the coolest job, for an exclusive brand with direct ties to the factory in Italy… that I visited fairly often. When I accepted this position in 2013 I quickly fell in love with the job and day-dreamed about upward mobility and a future up to and including retirement (at least what retirement would be to me). Things began to turn in 2015 and as 2016 flipped its page in the planner, I came to the realization that help was not on the way and I was responsible to cover two-hundred days of travel. Not only that, but new management expected me to cover full office hours while not actively traveling.

There were many other factors that began to effect my personal and professional effectiveness. Without going into too many details, it was clear that change was eminent… now how to make the change? Let it happen or become the cause for change?

I became re-inspired to pursue the John Maxwell Team Leadership Certification that I had turned my back on in 2013. The energy from that decision alone began to restore my sense of purpose and lend confidence to my work overcoming most of the negative influence, from the office. Plans began to be laid as I counseled with peers and leaders I trusted. Employed or not, change would come in August.

As fate would have it, I believe it was God Himself that intervened. Just a couple of weeks before the Live event for John Maxwell in August, a recruiter called on behalf of Suzuki. A quick interview, some more follow up phone calls and emails, and the decision was made to move the family 500 miles south to Corona, California. August became a whirlwind month.

Now it’s four months later. I’ve taken over a department of five when I used to be the lone wolf. I’ve been to Hamamatsu to meet the international team. I’ve identified the low hanging fruit and proposed increases in service while lowering expenditures. My work will soon be enjoyed by a world stage with my employer, while other opportunities to “add value to others” continues to arise.
Nearly finished with editing Stephan Batanik’s book, I have begun helping Haydon von Ahnen produce his first book. I wonder if that will earn him extra credit?!?! I also now have the time to love my wife at home, bike with the kids and take my son to the Motocross Park. I even registered a motorcycle to ride since my travel schedule vacated.

So you see the title of this post fits. While the trend is to be negative and kick the old year out with all its tragedy and pain. Find the silver lining. Remember that what others mean for bad, God will use for good. I believe that if you allow yourself to play the victim you will become one. As 2016 rolled out – I was that victim. Take a breath, explore your heart, meditate – pray- find counsel, but also find change. The bandwagon says 2016 was a bad year. For me and my family it was another re-birth of opportunity. So yeah… Bandwagon — not jumping.