Tammy Joy Lane – The Interview

What do you do when you meet a powerhouse of a personality with energy, love, grace, and a heaping dose of humor? You befriend that person and get to know them. Well, I have had the esteemed pleasure of getting to know Ms. Tammy Joy Lane over the last 15 months, and I am thrilled to finally get her on the Mañana No Mas! podcast to share this amazing woman with you.

Tammy is a veteran, a suicide survivor and survivor of life as well. Life throws everyone curves and like a lot of leadership gurus say in one way or another – it’s not what life gives you, but what you do with it.

Tammy Joy Lane

Tammy helps others.

Part of me is heartbroken at this interview for the silliest of reasons. I wanted to do this interview outside, in God’s creation to kind of celebrate the person inside. While travelling in Texas, we had scheduled for me to do this interview with her while I was at Fairfield Lake State Park. It was beautiful there – but no signal to keep video sustainable. When we rescheduled, I thought “No big deal”. I have sunshine and palm trees in Southern California (and I did not want to green screen this thing!). Of course is was uncommonly cold and rainy, forcing me back into my little work area.

That’s OK, Tammy brightened up the set. Feel free to hit the Video or Audio links to dive into this great chat with a friend about helping others feel valued.


Learn more about Tammy and Yes to Kindness by taking the free course at

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