Taking Me Back

I talk about this a lot, to the point of maybe sounding like I am proselytizing. “Oh-Oh, here comes one of his Jesus talks”, you might be thinking. But no… this is about reclaiming yourself or as I sometimes say “Taking Me Back”. There are times in my life when all the burners on the cooktop are going. I am not saying I get overwhelmed, but I can definitely feel things coming together in a type of vortex that places extra demands on me, my time, my energy, my thoughts – me. How do I fix this?

There are some rules of engagement that are very popular and employed. In fact, I used to subscribe to one that is nearly universal. “Double-down, Man-Up, Get through it”. For decades I was the guy that could be depended upon to work harder, work faster, and put in the extra time because of some made up sense of urgency.

Going Up!!

The problem or obstacle with this approach takes us yet again to the Pareto Principle – so common in development and leadership. The Pareto Principle states that 20% of the group (whatever the group) will do 80% of the work. Add to this that in many of my projects, I am the “Solopreneur”. Now I am beating myself up with made-up deadlines. As power partners, clients, and others in the network begin to have an influence on workflow, people at the top 20% of the Pareto graph find themselves over-reaching. This is when the cooktop starts to use all the burners.

Think of it – how many cooking shows do you watch where the host has all the burners working?!?!

About four years ago, I came to the recognition that my physical conditioning was limiting my performance at the top of the cluster. I was having to double down way too much to just meet my minimums. Something had to change. I realized that I had to shed some pounds and find a way to keep them off. I knew that if I had to make myself “Straight-edge”, “Vegan” or a “replacement shake guy”, I would not survive the transformation long term. So I focused on a concentrated, temporary program to lose the bulk of the weight, then transitioned into an active lifestyle I would enjoy.

Success was mine!

I dropped over sixty-pounds initially, then began factoring in my favorite food and beverages again – in moderation. I broke my bicycle out of storage and pedaled. I signed up for Warrior Dash and Spartan events. I rewarded my success with a trip to Orte, Italy to run the Spartan Super in 2018. This is amazing!

In an effort to pay it forward, I added personal development content to the Mañana No Mas! Academy. There is content for the Keto Diet, Maintaining Weight Loss, Positive Self-Thought, and the idea of following process and monitoring your growth. This has been a calling of Love for my fellow humans and a source of accountability to not become that guy that couldn’t fit on the airplane again.

Now for Some Keeping it Real…

This last year, while staying positive online and trying my best to add value to others through some online tools — see Zoom Night Out, or the daily YouTube Mañana No Mas! Morning Check-in — I puffed up a little bit. It is nowhere near the 2016 disaster that left the offices of Ducati North America, but rather a trend in not cycling as hard, not running as much, and honestly… enjoying a lot of beer, bourbon, and red wine.

The results of this were showing up on the scale and on the Mountain Bike Trail. I had to put the rubber to the road and take action with the information I share with you and others in the Mañana No Mas! Academy. I had to disconnect and take me back. I took a short Mountain Bike ride last Wednesday, then again on Thursday. Then I took a Social Media break over the weekend. Monday hit, and I got my essential work (really essential) done and took off for the trail again, where I made the embedded video.

Drawing a line in the sand, being accountable to yourself, and giving yourself a break is absolutely necessary for the process of optimizing your mental and physical performance. So what about all these people we are so afraid of letting down? Truth bomb… if they are not in the 20% getting *it done, they don’t even notice your absence because you are still blowing them away. For the 20% in your group of high achievers, you can pay it forward by being a great example to them. Show them how to not burn out and stay efficiently productive. Show them how to “Take Me Back”.