Sukoshi Fahey Lights up the Podcast

If you missed the podcast release last week, featuring Sukoshi Fahey, it’s not too late to catch up. Driven to add value to Service Writers and Service Managers in Powersports, I had to take the chance she would give us some time. Boy did she.

I saw on her LinkedIn that she was leaving Avon Tyre. Then I saw later that she was releasing Skioshi Inc. While some of that is still in the gel stage, there is no shortage of tire genius in this woman. The genius comes through not so much in what was said, but the confidence in how it is said. You know you are getting it straight from the horse’s mouth.

I especially like her candor when calling something out as a “tire myth”.

We anticipate a follow-up interview with this tire maven in the very near future, so stay tuned. Perhaps we can go into further detail about the more technical aspects of tire manufacture.