Subconscious Anniversaries

People like to think of themselves as solid. People like to see themselves as consistent. I am no different. I would like to think that after 20 years, an anniversary like 9/11 would pass me by. Well, the dog started making noise at 3:30 am and I got up to attend to him. Now, three hours later, I am sitting at the keyboard wondering why I feel this way.

I didn’t work there, nor did I know anyone that did. However, I do remember specifically what I was doing when I first saw the event on TV. Once 9/11 had occurred, I had piggybacked with Judy Faas to hold track days as a celebration of our nation on the anniversary. It was her brilliance that started it, and I just joined in. We would hold track days and the proceeds would go to a fallen soldier’s family. Now it’s been 10 years since doing that and it’s been 20 years since the event.

Maybe it’s the guilt that I had never served in the military? This day… I think about the losses and the resilience of a nation brought together. Lately, I have found politics very distracting. It has embedded itself into everything we do. I miss the times when we may have had a difference in opinion, but stuck together.

It was much more fun celebrating at the track.