Struggling With Topic

Topic? It’s an interesting subject to dive into. How often are you listening to a speaker, or a presentation, or talk show and think to yourself “Man, they are off-topic”. This is a personal struggle of mine. As a man in my 50’s with a huge range of employment in my past, I have a viewpoint that is diverse. I have recently been called out for this and have the struggle of examining the critique and deciding to shift or double down.

As I left Suzuki in 2020, I went back into the marketplace as a self-provider. The messaging to attract customers was difficult. I can do “A thru Z” but in the art of marketing, I need to focus. I have had feedback from a few professionals in the field. Here are a few inputs:

  • You need to break $1,000,000.00 in revenue on ONE thing before you branch into others
  • You need a short description — we settled on “Business consultant focused on communication and technology, driving revenue”
  • Here is your “WHY’ — Making sense of complicated things, Finding a better way, and Making things simple

Part of Mañana No Mas! is seated firmly in the idea of Web Development and being WordPress power-users adept at membership and learning platforms. That is the tech side. The communication side comes through with a Certification in John Maxwell leadership and speaking. The business-savvy peppers its way through decades of positions in both customer-facing service and retail, but also wholesale distributing and training.

Not many web developers have the business chops to help a company move forward with business processes and leadership. Not many leadership consultants can bring technology development to the table. Mañana No Mas! helps business with consulting and tech. Two of the premier projects from Mañana No Mas! are the Powersport Academy and Challenge Connection. When we (I) enter a relationship to consult with a company, it’s about bringing success and performance to the table. In my mind, this takes not only a killer site, but work on mindset and leadership.

Instituting new processes without consideration of leadership or your projected mindset lowers the opportunity for success.

Getting Called Out

Over the weekend, one of the people in my circle that I consider a huge influence saw my “Lead Magnet” post inviting new members to enroll in my free course. There are lead magnets on my site for Goal Setting and Embracing the Process. When someone hires Mañana No Mas! they get the benefit of Leadership, Mindset, Web-build, Training and Speaking. Now the task is delivering that message but with focus.

I was called out in this way…

Saw your post about embracing the process… of reaching your goals. Is this a “Life Coaching” course? Just having trouble promoting some of your stuff because it’s unclear what your focus is my dude… I wanna help so bad, but just a bit confused.

Name withheld for respect…

Having courses and using them as Lead Magnets to grow the community is a normal thing. Giving people an opportunity to sample a learning product – especially something I may be building for them makes total sense. As I look at my overall offer, I realize that some business consulting will be process-oriented, and others may be more web-based.

We have a client in San Fransisco where they are making the content – all the words are coming from them. In fact, even though I am building their learning platform, I am designing the site to their exact specification. We have another client that is leveraging us for the whole package… content, video, website, speaking and training. This customer is very similar to our work in the Powersport Academy and doubles down on that After-sales niche we have been carving for ourselves.

I think some of the confusion is that someone will see a product like a Challenge Connection and feel that it alone is a business builder, instead of one of the projects that Mañana No Mas! has built. I love powersports. I am an expert in helping dealerships grow their service business. However, if the owners of these businesses refuse to invest in training their staff, it’s not a sustainable solo-business stream. My friend Chris Badgett refers to this type of thing as the “Expert’s Curse”. If I had 200 dealers and worked consistently helping these businesses grow – I would be in heaven. Truth is… we haven’t gotten there yet and having clients like the two I mentioned above do a great job of filling the gaps.

I would love some thoughts on this post. How do you see Mañana No Mas!? What kind of impact – if any has the Mañana No Mas! projects had on you?