Six Steps to “Get in the ZONE”

You’ve got a task that you need to complete. It’s something that you want to do and it contains enough challenge to keep you engaged and on-task without feeling anxious or doubting your ability. What’s the best way to get it done? Get yourself into the zone and you’ll find that you’ll complete it more quickly than you thought possible. So how do you get into the zone?

There are six simple steps that can get you into the flow.

Step 1: Time – make sure that you give yourself enough time to complete the task. For that you’ll need the right environment.

Step 2: Environment – you will need a calm, comfortable and distraction free environment to work in. Make sure that you are wearing comfortable and suitable clothing, have been to the bathroom, had a snack and drink and that the temperature is neither too hot or too cold.

Step 3: Focus on the Process – while you are working towards an end result (goal), it is essential that you focus on the process itself. By doing this you are able to remove all expectations and restrictive thought patterns so that you can release your creativity and problem-solving skills.

Step 4: Engage Your Emotions – to be in the zone you need to be alert and fully engaged because it’s a positive state of being. Negative emotions will only hamper your ability to get into and remain within the flow state.

Step 5: Action – maintain a state of action and keep the momentum going forward. It’s important to not stop and think as this will prevent negative emotions such as self-doubt creeping in. You need to remain in a state of immersion in the activity without any awareness of yourself or your ego.

Step 6: Practice – “Practice makes perfect” as the saying goes. So by practicing getting into the zone regularly you will create your own set of rituals and cues that will help you get into the flow state. Over time these will become second nature and your body will respond by entering the zone more quickly and easily.

If you want to get into the zone and make positive things happen then you can use the six simple steps above to help you. Regular practice will help you create a unique set of cues and rituals to make the process simpler. Achieving a more fulfilling and enriched life is yours for the taking.

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