Safety Glasses?

After years of sarcasm and half-wittingly enabling daredevils to take risks themselves, I finally get to pay the price. Newsflash. Eyes are stinking sensitive and painful when messed with.

I was just going to run the riding mower for a couple of hours to help a friend. My kid was riding a dirt bike around the property, so it would help pass the time anyhow. Well, shortly after mounting the darn thing, I hit a patch of debris sending it all about.

Int he cloud of haze, I felt an irritation in the left eye. “it’ll tear itself out” I thought to myself. A few minutes later, I was alarmed that it was still embedded in my eye. I started to try and force the tears with the eyelid over the eyelid bit. No joy.

5 Days In… ouch

It took a few minutes, but I was able to flag down the boy. I had him double back to the truck to get me water bottle. I continued to mow with one eye waiting for my son. When he came, I began trying to flush the eye with the water bottle. It was still really irritated, but I had no mirrow to gauge the issue and my son didn’t seemed alarmed.

I continued to mow and he continued to ride. The longer I went, the more it hurt. I typically have a really high threshold for pain, so I was really beginning to doubt myself. I finished up the mowing and took the mower back…. parking by where my friend’s hose is kept. I flushed it like crazy, but I could still fell something in there grinding away at my eye.

I packed up my son, put the mower away, and headed home to shower. My wife tried to put me at ease, but by the time I had showered, I was nauseous from the pain and irritation. I took some Ibuprofen and Tylenol PM to sack out. When I woke up, I could not open my eye and the effect of light on my eye was an immediate headache.

The next day was the doctor’s office to inspect for contamination and get a prescription. It’s now a week later and typing this is painful. I can barely see the screen. It’s a ton better than earlier in the week. It’s made me realize how fragile eyes are and how important those dang safely glasses are.

Get them On!