Raw Look of the Struggle that Leads to Success

This last month has been something of a whirlwind. It’s been a long road to get the opportunities and we are nowhere near the finish line yet. I made up my mind from the beginning that I would not be posing with Ferraris and Lamborghinis claiming success that isn’t mine. I promised myself (and you) I would be transparent about the journey. So what success so far am I talking about?

In the last month to six weeks, I have been on multiple interview shows, published on other sites and publications, and seen our mail list and open rate grow at an organic healthy rate. I was networking with field-level people at first, which I still stay in touch with. But in recent days I have been hosting meetings with industry leaders and members of the board. Some might be late to the party and wonder “How did he do that?”. Sometimes this is when the term “Lucky” makes an appearance… but let me be raw… this is the result of work.

So how do I do it?

I wanted growth to be Organic – not bought. I didn’t want to buy an email list and then have to deal with excessive bounce rates and complaints. I also didn’t want people bogged down with messaging they weren’t interested in. So for me, the linchpin to my marketing program is quality content. I have tons of content made and ready to keep the value pouring out. To hold and distribute the content, I developed websites, social channels and put a CRM in place to grow the list. Now to grow the list and share the assets. I think it is important to mention here that content can be used or shared more than once. Not everybody sees every message every time. So it’s a good practice to recycle some stuff. It’s also good to go back in time to recycle some things that newer followers or members of your community haven’t seen.

Community? That was a new word in this piece. Community is like growing a virtual city where you are the Mayor. For my purposes, I have multiple Facebook Groups, and Pages. I have LinkedIn Pages and Groups, plus I also have my own interactive tools built into Mañana No Mas! properties. What is a major component of a community? Connection.

This is why I continuously invite people to connect on a Non-sales Discovery call. These are just 15 minutes long and are managed with a virtual scheduler attached to my Email Calendar. These discovery calls are not meant to build sales during the call. They are intended to cement an anonymous connection into an active, personal connection. We may discuss business, or find that we both love to cook, bicycle, be active at church – whatever, as long as it connects. Would you rather have 10,000 people on your list that don’t know you, hit delete, and think you are a spammer? Or… would you rather have 1,000 people on your list that you know?

When you connect to someone in real-time, offer to help them promote their project in some way. They will mostly reciprocate. Soon, you will see the quality of your connections increase. While there is an entire course of subject matter on the subject, I will confess that for professional list growth – LinkedIn and Podcasting have been my jam.

What Does This Success Look Like?


That link is to the Dealer Vendor Match live LinkedIn show called Sunday Night Live. It touches on the fringe of my target audience while exposing me to a much larger – yet connected audience. This is the accountability piece – the third party edification that lends confidence to the rest of the package.

Soon you will see the Erik Allen show release an episode we’ve already recorded… this list of heavy hitters will continue and over time – with consistency – we will sustain that healthy, organic, non-spammy growth that will add value to our target market.

Again, if you are late to my circle here, you may be tempted to say “Man, he’s lucky”. But if you were here for the Live Book Reviews, Free Seminars, and course debuts over the last decade… you know this is the result of effort. Since I am a consultant and speaker, I make myself available to help you goal set, plan, and execute this type of growth. Hit me up.