Public Speaking 101

I consider myself a late bloomer. It gets worse though. Thinking way back to my grade school years, I knew what I wanted to do. I can remember talking to my friend John about writing books, and laughing at how crazy the idea was. I can remember learning new things and then immediately sharing the knowledge with others. I was programmed to do what I do now. My problem was that I let life happen. I let people I perceived as stakeholders in my life poo-poo my natural drives. So what does this do for you?


Off the bat, if your not a speaker but need one to host or deliver your message… hit me up at Manana No Mas! to see what we can put together. If you ever had an inkling to do it, do not let another day pass without working toward it. Here I am entering the second half of life finally writing, publishing, editing and speaking — creating content for public consumption.


The reason I titled this Public Speaking 101 is that I have toyed with creating more content on writing and speaking. You have to start somewhere – right? 101 it is! The first step in Public Speaking is identifying if you really want to do it or not. Survey after survey describes people as rather facing death than public speaking… then there are anomalies like me that enjoy the energy it gives.

Proper execution of Public Speaking 101 only has two outcomes. Either you realize you’re out and hire me to do it, or you stay tuned to see what other straightforward bits I have to share in upcoming pieces here. The main thing is taking action one way or the other. Let’s go!