Proven Ways to Laser Target Your Ads to Targeted Customers on Facebook

Things even the “Pros” miss in Marketing

Facebook offers a lot of advertising possibilities to engage your targeted audience. Laser targeting your ads on Facebook can have an immediate impact on your business, so you must do it with these simple but powerful techniques.

Identify Your Perfect Client

Facebook is the biggest data search engine that you can get for free. Facebook’s search function is very useful, but it is the most underrated feature. Most of us don’t even know about its importance in finding the ideal customer or audience. It allows one to search and discover their ideal customer. This technique will help you find those people that have a high probability of matching well with the style, personality, and price that you offer.

Another thing to consider at this stage of the game is the idea that if you haven’t yet identified that perfect client, the Facebook tool is a great way to experiment affordably. Try different combinations of specifics to see which combination gives you the highest return.

Discover Facebook IDs

This step in the Facebook world of advertising as you read this may seem elementary. Well, I’ve known Social Media Professionals in the “Social PR industry” that have missed this tool entirely. If you are the type to skim articles and try to glean the highpoints — take a moment right now… we’ll wait. Ok, now right yourself a note to get this done ASAP. It will form a foundation for your continued success.

You must focus on acquiring Facebook IDs for each person you are targeting. Once you’ve selected the person you’d like to reach out to, all you have to do is click on their name and open their page.

The highlighted number you see on the top of the page is the Facebook user ID of that person. You should copy that number and paste it to a notepad file. Repeat the process until you get at least 20 people with one ID per line. You need 20 IDs because Facebook recognizes a “Custom Audience List” to be at least 20 people.

Finding the right group of people that are passionate enough to buy your product or service is very important. You must get into their minds and discover the niche that you need to be targeting. So, with Facebook’s search feature, you can identify your perfect client. If you find yourself second guessing if you are using the right code for a user ID. You could confirm your findings in this site:

Lastly, if the user has a username instead of the number, you can use the URL in the paragraph above or… right click on the profile image and copy the “link address” URL. Each image on Facebook is tagged to its originator with the User ID. You can strip the ID out of the URL — then if you have any doubts, confirm it against the

Create a Custom Audience

After identifying your perfect client and discovering their Facebook IDs, you must create a custom audience. For this you have to visit inside your Facebook Ads Manager, then go to the “Audience” section and click on the “Create New Custom Audience”.

Select the option “Data File Custom Audience”. Now select the notepad file you have saved with your list of 20 User IDs. Your new custom audience will be ready to use within minutes. Now your ad will be shown only to these super targeted prospects from your list.

The above-mentioned techniques are lesser known but can show you positive results. It will help you grow your customer base with highly targeted people and reap you a huge ROI. You can now create Facebook Ads and customize them to a selected group of people. Also, you can keep track of who you are getting in touch with.

Just Imagine

Just imagine that instead of using the general category system that Facebook makes available, you could build an audience that rides Trek Bicycles, in Utah, Offroad, that are within a certain region and income level by association by grouping like users in the same ad. Then you could advertise a niche product specifically to that Trek group.

The standard format would have you advertising a more general message to a broader group of bicyclist netting you a watered down message with a lower percentage of conversion. Each client has an acquisition cost, so it is to your advantage to optimize each contact.

When Manana No Mas! first formed, it was Google Ad Words and Banner buys on forums that drove a lot of leads. That grew into Facebook Ads in the general sense and pumping affiliate banners in strategic locations. These new pinpointed tools in practical use allow businesses to pinpoint their niche better. It reduces the clutter of nonsense for the end-user while increasing you the advertiser’s ROI. This is a win-win tool in use.