Open Eyes – Open Heart – Open to Growth

I am in the Dallas airport still high from the conversation I just had with Jerry. Jerry is a man from Albuquerque, NM that travels, consults, and adds value to people by making them aware of upcoming technologies and the expected effect they will have on their business model. Why am I so jazzed about this meeting? Simple. It was the result of putting down the screen, picking up my eyes and saying hello.

This trip to Orlando to assist the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute has been a relatively quick and painless trip. However, it has bothered me lately how much time my kids have been absorbed with their electronic devices. With this on my brain, I decided to close the book in my lap on the airplane, turn off my phone and say hello to my seat partner. What followed was a solid hour of connection.

Jerry is in his sixty’s and described his task on the travel plan. He told me about his insurance business in New Mexico, selling his shares to go into consulting. Traveling the country, he is focused on work styles and helping companies find the best fit for their people and increase efficiencies — sound familiar?

As I listened to Jerry and interjected only as I saw it adding value, I concentrated on the value he was willing to share. He spoke of the upcoming 5G technologies and how speed in conjunction with Artificial Intelligence would shape the future of our workforce and the tasks humans need to fill. We exchanged our thoughts on the need for human interaction and relationship… but also how the transactional relationship we have with many service providers will shift to AI type interfaces, because quite honestly this will be better serving than the human interface in many scenarios.

In this situation, embracing the technology while enhancing your personal communication skill set will give those inclined to relationship building a leg up. I shared my love for John Maxwell teaching in combination with my Social Media energy. We agreed on the Gary Vee content (@garyvee). And Jerry was also able to share his fascination with Peter Diamandis, the founder of the “XPRIZE” (race to space) and author of the book “Abundance”.

During all of this exchange – we also shared our common connection through the city of Albuquerque and some common acquaintances we have. All of this because I was able to turn off the selfish distractions and focus more on my surroundings. Sure the technology has value, but sometimes you just need to pick your eyes up and reach out to another human in a tactile way.

Message: Turn off your PHONES and engage!!