NOTE – Data Polluted

Effective March 31, 2020 Manan No Mas! is deleting its entire database of contacts and starting from scratch. We received a complaint from an email recipient of not wanting to be on the list. Normally, that wouldn’t be a big deal as I have had direct contact with this individual previously.

Here’s the deal. I don’t want people on a list that they don’t want to be on. It’s a waste of resources and its a bother to them. My goal is to add value to others. So below I am embedding a new sign up form to join our list for our newsletter. Our content is based on leadership, goal setting, Powersports and Marine. The last thing I want during a national crisis is to tick people off.

A quick lesson to other folks out there — do not let companies with a lack of budget experiment in your playground. As I did an audit of my list, I found accounts that I did not recognize. As a matter of best-practice, I have decided to blow the whole thing out and start over.

Some might think I am upset at the guy that complained — quite the opposite. The only way we know something is out of balance is if someone brings our attention to it. I am thankful for being held to a standard and am willing to take it up a notch to have a clear conscience.

If this polluted data affected you is a negative way, please, please, please know that I have the best of intentions only. I want to see dealers thrive in an area they have had little training. Not only that – I apologize.

Have an awesome day.