Not a “Resolutionary”!

It seems that 2017 is off to a rocking start. My new position at Suzuki Motor of America, Inc., is progressing well. My son’s book is coming along. Stevan Batanik’s book is all but ready to go to the printer… and I just lost 7.3 pounds on the Transformation Challenge in Corona, CA. All this activity though is not the result of a “resolution”, it is a realization – an awakening. Enough is enough! Last year as I pounded out a two-hundred day travel schedule and logged nearly 70 hours a week, I suffered poor sleep patterns, too much alcohol, and way too much restaurant food. I was beat down not only by the supervision that kept their thumb on me in spite of overproduction, but by surrounding circumstances and attitudes.

2016 was not spectacular as it jumped out of the gate. That’s why half way through the year, I began to strategically re-assemble a life that made sense to my skill set, capacity and family need. First on the list was sustainability if I left the job. To better impact that position, I sought Personal Development training. In the Training Management field with a bend toward leadership – John Maxwell jumped off the page. Bam! Done!

I needed to improve my outside perception and personal branding. Poof! Up the ante on the LinkedIn Profile and upgraded the membership with Job Seeker. Using the searches there not only gave me the ideas of who was looking… but also who to leverage in my contacts. I decided that if another position in Powersports was not inevitable, I would build the training back end of my old business site to handle eLearning. Done! Helping a contemporary publish a book and write his Foreword – great personal branding. But what of the American tendency to judge a book by the cover? The Camp – 6 Week Fitness Challenge to the rescue. First week done and dropped 7.3 pounds. Heidi, my wife, dropped more than that!

So now you are getting tired of hearing about me and my droning on… but here’s the deal. People look at me doing this Fitness Challenge for six-weeks. Part of the challenge is posting your workouts and accomplishments on your Facebook. They assume this is a fleeting resolution. I am not a resolution driven person. I am a goal oriented, continued development driven person. The changes that people applaud today, took months… years of planning to achieve. My message to others is that even if life is handing you a dung sandwich right now, hold your chin up and your back straight. Sometimes life throws a curveball and you’re out of pace. Step back, breathe, evaluate, plan, execute. Remember the only success that counts is the one you see in yourself.

I am NOT a Resolutionary!!