Non-stop Personal Development

I get asked a lot in my training courses about my own training disciplines. In reality, if I expected to learn everything I ever needed to know about the Ducati product line in my travels to Italy… I’d still be figuring out how to adjust the chain on the famed Single-sided Swingarm. Truth is, it takes time, dedication, and a bit of out of the box thinking.

When I am looking over the diagnostic report for a problem vehicle and spot something I don’t immediately feel comfortable with, I look it up. Sometimes its in the manufacturer’s documentation and other times it isn’t. That’s when I Google the crud out of it. Whenever there is an advancement in Fuel Injection for example, generally speaking there is an adjustment to Patent Codes. A quick search of the United States Patent Database may pop up a good resource. How about Bosch directly? They make a stink load of injection product so it stands to reason they would carry some informative content.

When it comes to my own development – gears switch a tad. My real skill set isn’t my diagnostic ability or luck in fixing a motorcycle… no, my skill is that I can relate the experience in simple terms to a classroom full of technicians. That skill set takes development as well. I am very proud to state that I have finally stopped procrastinating and am pursuing a Certification in Leadership from an outstanding source. I will be done in August which will switch things here in Mañana No Mas! into high gear. You’ll see some extra logos pop onto the site as well as an expanded resource area. Hold on – things are getting exciting.