Necessary Components of Customer Communication in a Crisis

As the crisis was breaking, Manana No Mas! was online urging Powersports and Marine dealers to prepare for an increase in business. The news just made Social Distancing cool again. You don’t have to feel guilty to disappear on your motorcycle and “distance” yourself. Better? The experts are all over TV telling people the importance of getting out for solo activities.

Mountain biking, Boating, Road biking, Hiking, Running and Motorcycling are all considered “Essential Activities”.

State of California

How will you promote yourself in this time of CRISIS?

Manana No Mas! promotes a system of customer improvement through relationship, communication, and connection. If you plan to make a killing during the crisis by taking advantage of people, you are in the wrong article.

Elevate your communication by communicating the environment to your customers fully. Tell them what to expect.

  • We are Open – We are Closed
  • These are the hours of operation during the crisis
  • These are the conditions of which we are open
  • Options for not coming in physically

Check out this textbook awesome email put out by Triumph of Albuquerque. Look at the conditions of the environment Scott discloses in the email:

  • The equipment has been cleaned
  • No physical touch of employees
  • The product will be shown at a distance
  • Test rides allowed / not allowed
  • Showroom attendance is monitored
Be prepared for your Customers

Customers know what to expect. The more you communicate and set the expectations, the less you will have to correct or explain upon their arrival (if they come) Remember, the world is operating on the premise that everything is closing. Most state descriptions of Essential Services that I have read state that repair facilities related to automotive are Essential Services. So lead… be essential.

If your business is closed, or if your clients decide to not attend physically, describe a version of a transaction that may still meet their needs. Ordering online, participating in a short Zoom call, etc.

Remember – your business thrives when people USE their equipment. Encourage them to use the toys and stuff you service, then be there on the back end to provide terrific service through optimal communication.