Mañana No Mas! Enters Phase III with Powersports Training

In a rather fortuitous way, the COVID crisis sent thousands of customers to the Powersports and Marine Dealerships across the country. While many activities have been banned by local governments, riding a motorcycle or taking your family out on a boat is an open game. Now take the already thriving UTV market and factor in COVID. Take head, not all that glitters is gold.

Normally, this would be great news for the industries that have been seeking a return to the American market since tanking in the last financial crisis of the Mid 2000s. The recipe for success has been contaminated this round though, as many International Distributors have been laying off essential workers that would have kept the Supply Chain alive.

Picture this — you are a Dealer Principal. You have millions on the line in terms of personal funds, revolving debt, and investor funding. COVID comes along and the sales are injected with great energy. Your prayers are answered, or so you think, as you process sale after sale. Then you find out the hard way that your replenishment of inventory, in the heat of the season, is delayed. Your suppliers have laid off massive amounts of employees to store-house their own funding during the crisis, fearing the worst.

man sitting inside garage
A not ready for success example

This influx of customer demand will begin to manifest itself in pre-owned units. Your customers are going to search for that fix. It may be an old unit in the garage, shed, or a buddy’s back yard. That demand will transfer to your Parts and Accessories Department or the Service Department. How have you trained them to deal with the added demands, especially considering you’ve just sold a year’s worth of product in 5-months?

That is where Mañana No Mas! Fixed Operations training comes in. By properly preparing Service Desk staff properly communicate with the public and the internal staff of the dealership. Imagine increasing customer satisfaction, parts and labor sales, and decreasing employee turn-over. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, with the proof of concept and completed case study, Mañana No Mas! launches August 1, 2020 into Phase III of its development program. This program increases the amount of curriculum that is available online, as well as giving access to service staff through bi-weekly LIVE support calls. Mañana No Mas! was meticulously developed as a primary Online Academy, prior to the COVID crisis, in an attempt to respect dealership’s travel budgets and production requirements.

You can get more information on the Mañana No Mas! Fixed Operations Membership by visiting their online Academy here.