Mañana No Mas! Code of Conduct

Mañana No Mas! Code Of Conduct


In addition to my compliance with the Mañana No Mas! Commitment Form Terms and Conditions listed below, I hold myself 100% accountable to the following:

Integrity – I walk with integrity with everyone and in everything I do, including words, deeds, financial dealings, conduct, personal relationships and business relationships, which include upholding The Mañana No Mas! Commitment Form Terms and Conditions, on how I represent myself and working with the materials I am authorized to use, ensuring I am always in compliance.

Truth – I am truthful in my interactions always.

Excellence – I am committed to excellence in everything I do.

Honor – I honor every member of the Mañana No Mas!. I honor The Mañana No Mas! Commitment Form Terms and Agreement by completing all available training before representing myself as Mañana No Mas! certified. I utilize the established Mañana No Mas! approvals Process for everything that does not meet the required agreement usage.

Accountable – I am accountable for my promises and actions and for Mañana No Mas! Code of Ethics: learning, living and leading.

Responsible – Leaders are responsible, and I am a leader. I take credit for my success and my failure. I will act quickly to address issues. More importantly, I will learn from my mistakes and use the lessons learned. I take responsibility for everything I do as an individual knowing full well that it always has an impact on the team.

Respect – I am connected to the Mañana No Mas! Brand, and I utilize the tools and wisdom at my disposal. I use my influence for the sole purpose of connecting with others to move them from where they are today to where they desire to be, taking into consideration their well-being and goals.

As I consider whether I am in alignment with this code of conduct, I will consider these 3 questions.

1. Does my action attempt to deceive anyone or allow anyone to be deceived?

2. Does my action provide me an advantage to which someone else would not otherwise be entitled?

3. Would I be dissatisfied by the outcome if I were on the receiving end of this action?

I further understand that any action that is seen as outside of this Code of Conduct will be evaluated by The JMañana No Mas! Peer Review Panel for a final decision on whether an infraction has occurred. If this panel determines an infraction has occurred, they will make a determination whether or not the appropriate action is suspension. If that is the case, the panel will determine the duration of the suspension and/or severance of my rights and privileges on the Mañana No Mas! and in usage of Mañana No Mas! material and resources.