Lots of Distractions

As the days pass I find that many people are vying for the space in my brain. I have a friend for example, a close friend. He works in the education field in New Mexico which is commonly pointed to as one of the worst in the Union. The odd part is though that when we lived in New Mexico, we must have had the luck of the draw… all of our teachers – except the one at the Charter school rocked. But back to my friend. He is posting all these posts about being angry with the Governor and her “Cronies” for belittling the teachers of the state. They are instituting Pay for Performance metrics and the like, handing out evaluations and not being clear about the evaluation process.

Now the business guy in me is running this through my own head. If I were to take over a state with a documented poor operating school system… how would I attempt to repair it? I would probably try to aggregate some data and have my management team on the ground evaluate the field staff (teachers) using different matrices to formulate an opinion. The way I work on companies is very similar. In order to goal build I first need a snapshot of where the organization is, then formulate a plan for growth. Not everyone on the base levels knows every piece of every process but the key is that there is a process. I know my friend and other friends I have in the system do not want to hear this from me, but it stresses me out to see them so unhappy.

When it comes to politics, I have tried to stay quiet lately but its too hard to not voice an opinion of some kind. Listen to the Right Wing news for any time and you can’t believe how long they stretch something out… listen to Left Wing radio and tv and be shocked at how they stretch or omit facts to prolong the victim mentality. Being sold out to any one topic out of balance greatly clouds judgement. My teacher friends are in a group, my Mother in Law is in another, my gay friends have no patience and are quite vocal. We need balance.

Speaking of distractions… what about this lady at McDonalds that beat the other lady unconscious in front of her toddler. Many things occurred to me as I saw the video that went viral. Why is no one helping? Why are they egging on the aggressor? Something told me deep inside – the hispanic lady must have done something to spark this type of rage. As the story unfolds a week later, we are learning that the victim has been harassing the aggressor for over a month, daily, at her place of employment. I have no idea of the details, but people can only take so much until they snap. Now how this became a White vs. Black racial thing? I will never be able to figure that out.

Hobby Lobby? So the company pays well, has a full benefits package, supports a healthcare package that covers 15 types of birth control, but the entitled want more and more. I can’t help but think about my migraines. Insurance will cover Maxalt – an oral medication that works slowly but will not cover speedier remedies like my old favorite – Liquid Imitrex. The self-served shot would clear a migraine in minutes, but blew the budget and now its off the list.

The real thing that gets me about the Hobby Lobby issue is the use of the word “Contraception”. Contraception means the prevention of conception. Preventing the egg from being fertilized. “Emergency Contraception” is technically defined as many as abortion. Strange how this becomes a women’s rights issue when its a 50% chance we’re killing future women with abortion. Some of the very same people screaming about women’s rights and abortion on demand would be the same folks raising a stink over animal rights. You have to admit – a Vegan that supports abortion is pretty stinking ironic.

Now if this is the content that is getting promoted to us… what is really going on?