Logged About 75 Miles This Weekend

It is so important to me to be a person that shows it above saying it. That said, it was great to get back in the saddle for some equitable miles this weekend. Lately I have been dong some MTB (Mountain Bike) rides to condition my climbing… which translates well to road riding for me.

I was ready. So I hooked up with my buddies at “The Cats I roll With” to knock down fifty-two miles on Saturday. A few weeks ago, I had sone a 42-mile ride with the same group. I even got Ken “still fresh” Nagata to go with me. This was awesome.

Kerry Smith – Cats Organizer

When I arrived at the meeting point, Kerry introduced me to the group. We were 9-strong for this run. Our last ride saw us averaging 18.4 MPH to Seal Beach and back. This ride was a bit longer and the group was bigger. The distance can greatly affect average speed, and unknown abilities in the group can do the same. Even with the proposed obstacles and unforeseen newbies on the trail, we set a 18.1 MPH average over the 52-miles.

About two-thirds into the ride, my Karoo hammerhead gave up. So the embed of the ride here on this page is incomplete. P.S. – I love my Hammerhead, but it seems like the battery life is suspect after major updates. For the complete ride, we can steal Ken’s data.

The next day, I had planned on a recovery 20-mile loop with a church friend. This was my first ride with Chris, so I already had it in my mind that I was not going to try to kill him. Truth is, I know he runs and has large legs – so I was a bit anxious about my own performance with the previous days mileage on the legs.

It turned out great. There was only one section of Hike-a-Bike for Chris and I feel like if I spend 15-minutes fitting his big to him better, that won’t be an issue on the next ride. He really seemed to enjoy it and I love having another ride partner that is close to home.

September is right around the corner and as I announced in my Facebook LIVE over the weekend. If I hit my fundraising goal BEFORE September 1, 2020 — I will double the miles!!

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