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As I was preparing myself to leave a corporate position and possibly enter a new one, I found myself being less vocal in these pages. You see while I believe “Passion” is a word our society has begin to take lightly, it is the proper term for the work I do and how I feel about it. I love coaching, training and leading businesses – especially in regards to Powersports. I decided to make things official. And yes, while serving as a Training Manager for a major O.E.M. is official, gaining an International Certification from the Multi-year Leadership Leader in the world is certainly an admirable goal.

20160817_085815After much self study, group study and internal work… I made the trek to Orlando Florida. It’s August! Orlando?!? Really? After my four transformational days in Florida, poured into by specialists in their own fields (Leadership, Speaking, Sales, Self-Actualization, Coaching, Influence and Marketing) I am very proud to say that I am able to bring my John Maxwell Team Certification back to Manana No Mas! I have an affiliate site with them at http://johnmaxwellgroup.com/kurtvonahnen that I am super stoked about as I can now recommend people directly to that site for John Maxwell books and product.

headshotselfieAs I reflect on this past week, I am restored with optimism and the exuberance of my younger self. While my personal development is ongoing, the tools and skills passed down for me to share with you are destined to help your business, your personal life and your views of others around you. For years I have taught in the Fixed Operations Management Course I wrote and facilitated that you need to concentrate on the Conversation with your customer, rather than the transaction. If you focus on the relationship, the money will follow. It comes down to loving people and adding value to others. To have these concepts not only validated but edified throughout this study has been nothing short of fantastic.

20160818_150640As I transition from one O.E.M. to another, I rest easy knowing that I have improved myself and in extension, my product for this new employer. Would I love to go on to more featured public speaking? In the future — sure. But for now I am absolutely thrilled to look at this new challenge and brand with open arms and a positive attitude. For those in the Southern California region (Corona, Anaheim, etc), I plan to launch some Master Mind Workshops, Lunch and Learns and other sessions in an attempt to share just a sliver of the wealth of information and skills bestowed upon me… a type of paying it forward.

If you are interested in these types of offerings, I highly recommend using the link in this blog to engage. I have a contact form as well as the ability to sign up for inspirational messages and communication. Relax… I’m official.

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    1. Thank you sir. As you know first hand, nothing great happens with just one person. I think of the influence and support in my recent life. Heidi, SALT, my time at First Baptist in ABQ and my association with guys like you. It was a lot of work – but a labor of love.

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