Layer Upon Layer of Success

When you decide a job is not your goal, things change quite a bit. Instead of looking for the one thing that is going to bring you $x.xx you start to look at your “portfolio” of opportunity. As COVID rolled out and the landscape changed so much, I personally found it to be quite the exercise in building a proposal. It seemed that there were suddenly many opportunities offered as “Contracts”, but the companies were trying to buy you exclusively. This is where you need to be careful.

Are you a contractor? Are you building a business? Do you foresee having employees? How will you commit your efforts to clients? Where will the boundaries be drawn?

Ok. Let’s get transparent. I have asked myself these questions as I have rolled out The Mañana No Mas! Academy, The Powersports Academy, and the Challenge Connection. Based on what I have already put into action, and the network of professionals I have gathered around me, I have made the determination that I am not myself – I am an agency. As an agency, I have found it necessary to bypass a few opportunities with companies as they are attempting to limit personal success through inferred ownership of time. This occurs when companies fail to have a defined “Scope or Work” or set expectations. Let me go a bit deeper with you on this subject.

As a “Person” in the employment base, what do you believe your personal earning ability is? As this person, what is your threshold for risk? Now is it your perception that corporate employment lends more stability or less risk than independent work? Great – you are an employee-based worker. This is not a bad thing. However, if you are forced based on the economy or politics of your time to be more entrepreneurial – you may find this uncomfortable.

As a person in the employment base, that may recognize a lack of security in the corporate landscape. You may find yourself naturally more at ease with self-employment. Now you have to delineate the borders for yourself. Are you a contractor working alone, or an agency?

I am writing this piece inspired by the recognition that Mañana No Mas! is an agency.

When you are negotiating with corporate types putting together your portfolio of work, you have to be careful. Their job is to get the biggest commitment of work from you at the lowest investment. The other part of their job is reduce your ability to help their competition. Your job is to leverage your skills for as many players in your specialty for the highest profitability. This puts you at odds. Be very wary of “Non-compete clauses”. Although in a lot of states they are worthless, it is still a distraction that prevents you from being your best at all angles. In fact, I just walked away form a very lucrative assignment based on the Non-compete.

Here is my reasoning. If the company is not making a direct investment in your development, but relying solely on your established expertise, then attempting to limit your ability to financially sustain yourself after the assignment – or take ownership of the Intellectual Property they did not initially invest in… this is a bad deal. You may beat them if it goes to court, but why put yourself in a position for that to be the situation. Wait it out, sow the seeds you have, wait for the harvest to be correct.

If a corporation is getting pushy with you in the courting stage, how bad will they treat you in the marriage?!?!

When you set yourself up correctly and network your fanny off, the layers of success begin to align. It is so exciting to see the fruits of your work come together. In my personal space, my portfolio, I am seeing a couple of large projects align very well with my established personal offerings. That is to say my already in place products are in direct alignment with offering similar development to others contractually. To that success, I am adding a few smaller projects to further fill in gaps within my schedule and increase my profitability.

No to finish this thought. Remember earlier I asked “Are you a contractor or an agency?”. This is the drive home point. If you have established and negotiated as an agency, you can develop your own network to delegate tasks to and duplicate the efforts through multiplication over addition. IF I lend my talents to corporations as Kurt von Ahnen, I am directly on the hook to provide each task. If I negotiate Mañana No Mas! to provide the tasks, I can assign to others, in most cases providing quicker and more specialized results. Personally, this drives my own sense of profit while adding value to others along the way.

Layers of success. It doesn’t happen overnight. Don’t get anxious or scared. Do the right thing for the right reasons and enjoy the harvest when it comes.