Laid Off Week 2 – lots goin’ on…

Hey Manana No Mas! readers, since breaking my collarbone I’m learning to use all kinds of new tools like the dictation tool in Microsoft Word. Over the last year in my podcasts, I’ve talked about the idea of having the number one client. I disclosed over time why my concept of referring to a job as a number one client felt true to me. On January 13, 2020, my number one client ceased being a client.

Part of the joy of referring to an employer as a client is a mindset that everyone is replaceable and you as an individual are your own business to fill in the gaps and be as productive as you choose to be. When people ask if I’m angry or frustrated that Suzuki and I are no longer connected, the answer is an honest no. They felt they needed to make a business decision and, I honor that as a business person myself.

Now the task at hand is to find a suitable replacement for that income stream and continue to grow Manana No Mas!