Is This You? I Feel This Often?

What is creativity? Well, it can be said that creativity is the ability to create something out of nothing. However, is that really true? Does any artist, writer or musician really create in a vacuum? Of course, they don’t. All creativity is a process that builds on what has come before. All creative people have influences. They have preferences. They have prejudices. They are the sum total of what they have experienced. This means that when someone creates something they are really collecting this collection of experiences, preferences, prejudices, and influences and using them as the raw materials in their creation process.

It’s difficult to write or say something that to yourself sounds completely original. When I hear myself on film or audio I hear John Maxwell sometimes. Other times it may be Todd Cook – my old pastor. Sometimes I am telling a joke or story at a get-together only to hear a friends inflection come out. In the end, I am not original at all in content. The only gift I can claim is packaging and even then its a stretch.