Inner Conflict


I have an awesome job! I get to play on the world’s most premier motorcycles, visit the factory, craft my own curriculum, teach the Ducati network, and travel – but not too much. So why would I have inner-conflict?

For starters as some of the readers here know, I was self-employed for 7 years. That self-employment is what led to drive. I am used to constantly moving and tweaking for that next level of success. A couple months ago, I found out my manager was leaving the company… what to do? Part of me wanted to capitalize on the unbridled success the training department has on my short time, while the other part of me wanted to finish what was started.

San Lorenzo Valley-20131221-01687As a one-man show I was able to re-draft my existing Fixed Operations Course, build out an entire communications site for the office and network, develop an online training academy and revamp the entire technical training program. As I continue to push the envelope and practice my Italian, I am humbled by how blessed I have become since the self employment in New Mexico. So would you expect a guy like me to stay content?

This week I decided to take things to another level. I am very familiar with online “Electronic Public Relations”. Since coming to the corporate setting, I have drastically reduced my online presence. I felt like I had to respect the veil that is sometimes part of the manufacturing world. This week, similar to when I launched the online training site, I took things in my own hands. There is now a @ducatitraining Twitter handle. This, combined with the other online properties will help breed a sense of belonging to our techs that are active online. It may also entice technicians to join or network.

If my company cannot assign budget or staff to promoting the work of Training, then I will take the reigns. We have an awesome product, fanbase and wicked perks. We just have to let people know.