I Made it Rain in SoCal

Southern California can always use a dose of cloud tears. However, there is that song about how it never rains in Southern California. How did I do it? Simple.

I hand polished and waxed the car.

When I got up today, my wife told me it looked like it may rain, then she said there were puddles in our backyard shade. “That means the car got wet – sorry,” she says. But that isn’t how I really felt at the moment. My reaction wasn’t one of surprise or disappointment. We need the rain.

This got my mind into the Monday Morning Email Game pretty quick. How many things do we put off or simply skip because they may quickly be undone? If everyone said “What’s the use?” at every turn… nothing would ever get done. For me with the car this morning, it comes to two simple things:

  • Did the car need cleaned up and protected?
  • Do we need the rain?

Boom! I am handled.

What other things in life equal waxing a car in the rain? I think of that famous speech about making your bed, by U.S. Navy Seal Admiral, William H. McRaven – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZfeu_KS98Y. How’s your bed looking? This is one of the things that gets me. I am a bedmaker. I do know people that aren’t. They say things like “I’m just going to sleep in it again tonight anyway”. For me, I want to decide to retire in the evening and have a smooth, clean bed to fold down and enter.

In that same speech, he gives credence to the idea that manifesting control over the small things, gives us dominion over the bigger things in life. I like that. Between the strength, my faith gives me to face the odds of this world, and the discipline to do things that may seem “wasted effort”, I feel that I am well equipped to face what the world offers.

My prayer today is that if you find yourself down and out, needing inspiration, or motivated to accomplish something. Go out and wash the car. Tempt it to rain.