How to Use Laser Targeted Ads to Reach Your Audience

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Before Manana No Mas! was Manana No Mas!, we had Vonconcepts and Von Ahnen Design and PR. (VADPR). During those days we helped launch multiple companies out of New Mexico. Results varied greatly as finding business owners that are vested in their own success can come with challenges. That’s right, finding people that will accept the information they are paying you for — then executing on that information can be a real challenge.

It was because of this challenge that Manana No Mas! was born. We decided to up the game on our program and say “Tomorrow No More — Getting *it Done Yesterday”. We changed the financial model to pre-pay only, no deposits. We gave our clients deadlines to produce the graphic assets a social and web-based plan required. If you missed your deadlines, you were out, making room for clients that followed the program and sought success.

It almost worked too well. Ducati North America saw what we were doing in conjunction with the book I published and scooped me up — first as a contractor, then a full-time staff member in charge of North America’s training for both Sales and Service. When I outgrew management at Ducati, I moved onto a larger company with a more diverse offering… Suzuki. All the while keeping Manana No Mas! idling on the side. My goal is to add as much value to others as possible.

I believe this article on Laser Targeting Marketing — leading to our course on the same is a big part of that.

Social media advertising gives you a wide selection of opportunities to target your potential customers. Knowing the strategies for Facebook advertising geared towards your target audience, you can find out the interests of your audience and create ads that meet those interests.

Various social media sites provide different tools to target an audience with laser focus through four main categories — location, demographics, interests, and behaviors. Let’s understand them in detail.

Location Targeting

To help advertisers reach out to their ideal audience, Facebook offers various options. With the help of the Power Editor and the Ad Creation Tool, advertisers have got a lot of new ideas to target an audience based on geography like –

· Target by Address

You’ve been able to target by country, state/province, city and zip for a while.

· Exclude by Address

You can also use address targeting for exclusion purposes.

· Everyone in This Location

By default, you’ll be targeting “everyone in this location.” That includes both people who live or were recently in the targeted area.

Demographics Tool

Facebook collects a lot of personal data and that’s good news if you are a marketer. Facebook collects all the data to provide you with demographic details. It’s available to everyone via Facebook’s Ad Creation tool.

If you want to use the demographic targeting, you need to create an ad and scroll down to the Audience options and click the “More Demographics” button.

Demographic targeting on Facebook provides ten categories with 100 segmented demographic targeting options that offer various types of expanded segment choice. It will help you to know your audience’s needs, wants, habits, etc.

Interest Targeting

Now Facebook provides information about where you are spending your time. As Facebook users continually view, click, and like pages, products, and things of interest, Facebook gets a good knowledge of their hobbies, pastimes, and interests. They use this data to target audience segments by different purchasing behaviors that include Buyer Profiles, Clothing, Food & Drink, Health & Beauty and others. There are a lot of options out there. All you need to do is to explore.

Some folks are getting more and more tenuous about this type of prying, but to us, marketers — what a tool! Looking to advertise a Mountain Bike Event? They got it. A gala dinner event? They got it. Playing inside the Ad engine and doing a little “A/B” testing on your ads can have good payoffs. Like Gary Vee says all the time on his podcast. This is the best bang for your buck in advertising — ever.

Behavior Targeting

‘Behaviors’ can be accessed while creating Facebook advertisements, as well as through the Power Editor. Behavior Targeting allows you to pick categories on the basis of customers’ activity like a particular device, purchase behaviors, and travel preferences, etc. It uses data from Facebook’s third-party partners who track customer information when they’re not on Facebook and browsing other sites.

Before starting Ads to laser target your audience you must have a strategy in mind. You must know your ideal audience and get connected to them. You can get the data with the help of customer surveys, analyzing your sales pipeline and referencing your buyer personas. Your complete aim should be to solve the problem.

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