How Passion at Work Helps You Get Ahead

Are you passionate?

A recent study has discovered 88% of people are unhappy in their job. The other 12% experience joy and passion for what they do.

Are you in this 12%?

If not, you’re not alone. Sadly, a lack of passion does more than making the day drag. When you’re not enthusiastic about what you do, you’re simply not going to be as productive or even as successful at what you do compared to the individual who gets excited about their job.

Don’t believe it? Consider these ideas on how passion at work will help you get ahead.

Passionate People Focus
You can’t help but be intrigued by the things you’re passionate about. You can’t wait to dive in and see what makes things tick. This kind of focus enables you to see all the moving parts easily. It also keeps you more on task, and less likely to allow interruption as you hate to be pulled away from what you love.

I would see this working with technicians in both the Automotive and Motorcycle industries. The ones with passion were up to date on their training and had the best advantages in diagnosing and fixing vehicles when it mattered most. They also dove in more with their teams to help out when expertise was needed.

Passionate People Experience Less Stress

One of my own strategies is to have more than one passion. I have my work passions of course, but I also have athletic passions that work to relieve life’s other stresses and keep me healthier. Mountain Biking for me is a way to exercise my body and my demons. It also puts me into nature and adds a sense of peace.

Passionate People are Creative

When you love what you do, you can’t wait to learn more about it. This interest in your work makes you more knowledgeable and more likely to notice things. This leads to more creativity in the course of your day.

Passionate People Get More Done

Passion is what wakes up a competitive spirit. You can’t wait to get things done just to see what comes next. All these things mean you’re putting out more work, and are much more likely to finish tasks over someone who isn’t passionate.

Passionate People Do Better

When you’re passionate, you’re going to be more interested in the details and will push more to ‘get it right’ just because you can. Being passionate means you’re doing a better quality of work, which is, in turn, noticed by those around you. Hey, think about it. When promotion time comes, who would you rather move up, someone who hates their job and drags through the day or someone enthusiastic, quick to action, and gets the work done?

Passionate People Have Fun

Work doesn’t have to be drudgery. When you’re passionate, you’re interested in what you do. This interest makes the day just go faster.

Passionate People Hate to Go Home at the End of the Day

This one should sort of speak for itself. When you find yourself wanting to stay and keep going with what you’re doing, you’re definitely in the right place doing the right thing. Here comes some words of advice though…

If you have family and loved ones, don’t leave them out of the mix. While pursuing our passions gives us drive, it is monumental to keep loved ones in our sphere and prioritize accordingly.