How are you finishing the year?

Can’t help but wonder how others feel about the end of another year. That drives me to how I am thinking of my year. The likeness of a duck comes to mind – you know – Calm above the water but paddling away under the water? Is it the same for you?

My first full year at Suzuki is coming to a close. It took months for them to get used to some of my ideas, but now everything is in a flow. We are making strides near daily in bringing the latest concepts to the Technicians in a fresh way. They are letting me expand into more of a sales role on the Marine side which is awesome. From a Manana No Mas! perspective my quest for accomplishment is still on fire.

I helped Steve Batinic release his own book “My Customer My Business”, and made more headway on the Learning Management System that is attached to the Manana No Mas! site. This is my little piece of pride for the future. With humility of heart, I feel excitement for the hundreds of people I see this site being able to help. It is also a great portfolio for others that may need a web property like this for their own purpose.

A Learning Management System is a more complex idea of a website. Sure you have design, but now you have to think of Instructional Design – a learning path. Then the function needs to follow… tracking completions and certificates, etc. Add to the mix some of the features that are built into like Social Learning and Private Areas and Bam!! you have a recipe for learning success with an interactivity many high-priced LMS providers cannot yet match.

So now you know where I am pointed, but do you know the conflict to get there? Married with kids and a day job, I still need to find the balance. There must be some sort of balance between helping the world and loving your family. Now, on a Sunday afternoon, the kids are playing and momma is taking a much-deserved nap. This gives me time to tell all of you – that I also love – Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.

I pray that as you look at your year in review and analyze your plan for 2018, that you cut yourself some slack. Remember that you have a life to live while adding value to others.

— God Bless