Home From the Motherland

Being in Bologna, where the company is founded, is an amazing experience. If you’ve followed me on Facebook, Twitter and in these pages… you know how blessed I feel. But now that I am back from the Motherland the task is to dig in with as much stinking Kool-Aide as possible and make an engaging yet informative, timely yet comprehensive training pack for the network.

homepageThis is the challenge. There are some that do not view training as an investment. They see it as an expense only. TO them, no matter what I put forth is an obstacle because they believe it to be a nuisance to running their business day to day. There are others that value the training but to an extreme I can not fulfill as one person serving many. They want to extract every morsel of knowledge and then some… like its a trivia competition. Thirdly, there are those that will comply to the training demands and soak up what is made available. To a certain extent – I need to serve all 3. No matter what, I will not make the first group happy – we will even have some drop out of the network over mandatory training. Others will be disappointed that we worked hard to limit the training to just one day of hands on. Then there are the bulk of the network that won’t make any waves, do what they are asked and really not voice an opinion one way or the other. In practice – this is the group I need to reach most.

DSCN9537How can we possibly cram days worth of material into just a one-day hands-on course? The internet of course… I’ve been reconstructing the seminar material in a narrative fashion to our Supplemental Training Site. This is an experiment on our part. I personally believe that technicians learn best from tactile environments – so I have crafted an in-person course that will be primarily hands-on. To qualify for the course, the technician will need to successfully complete the online theory portions. By arriving to class with a theory base, the hands-on should progress nicely.

This is taking a lot of work for one person (ME), so I am very prayerful that the strategy gains traction. The other choice is to lengthen the hands-on sessions into multiple days… but with other training obligations – this is not a feasible way to growth. Let’s cross some fingers and hope the network takes the new model seriously.