Getting the Message Right

So getting the message right is a trial and error event, even when you have a general direction in mind. I have been working on the message and the delivery for quite some time to promote Mañana No Mas! The last couple of months have seen great strides in getting there. For instance – I got this email reply today from my last Newsletter.

Hey Kurt,

Outstanding content man! Love the set up you have.

Are you a member of the Cycling Industry Recovery Group on Facebook? If not, look for it. If you need an invite, I’ll make sure you get in.

Service training like yours is NEEDED.

Interview with Andrew Eggleton. Have been watching in bite sized pieces. Outstanding!

Your platform, with courses, podcast, blog etc etc, curious as to what you charge. I was telling my team.


So, how does this happen? How can you get the same results from your marketing effort? As always, I will be transparent and give you my magic.

At first, I was gong long form and trying to impress people. “Here, look at my awesome content and see how smart I am”. You know how well that was received, but funny how so many promote themselves in this way.

Then I tried to give stuff away. I offered free training courses and all kinds of freebies. Even if that worked, are those the clients I want?

Then I installed and upgraded my Groundhogg account. Full disclosure – I loved it so much I became an affiliate. I began to use the funnel building tools for the lead generation and member communication to my site. I then switched from MailChimp to the self-hosted Groundhogg email platform with WPSend to ensure delivery.


The on-boarding and guidance given by Groundhogg was the opposite of my long-form impressive stuff. What they recommended was shorter pieces with the option to click in for more. I’ve also experimented with asking questions and referring to client’s pain points for content rather than “selling” my benefits. This has increased my engagement. With everything being self-hosted within my site, the supporting blog material and content I am sharing is mostly inside my site – the same URL that is sending the email.

This gives me a consistent look and feel.

So this recipe is starting to take hold. An introductory message – not selling with a graphic. Then a blurb about a relevant subject and a button to link to more with a supporting graphic. I do this about 5 times to complete the newsletter and let Groundhogg distribute the content via BROADCAST.

It’s taken some time but finally – We are Getting the Message Right!!