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Follow the Money

I say this a lot – Follow the Money. With my belief structure, I know that it is OK to question leadership, process, and motivation. I also recognize that it is my duty to express myself respectfully using what is described elsewhere as “salt and light”. If people disagree with me, that is OK too. That does not take away my obligation to express, consult or correct things when appropriate.

This whole year has been a balancing act of salt and light. So much does not hold up under the scrutiny of critical thinking. Why would leadership close parks, trails and things in nature? Why would all the propaganda and media focus on a vaccine and shelter in place, without addressing means to improve one’s own immunity? As a consultant that has seen the direct impact of physical fitness to fiscal fitness, I know first-hand how important our health is. So why is leadership avoiding this path?

Why is it OK to go to Home Depot, but not the local lumber yard? Why is Target open along with Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco and others while smaller business is closed? Who actually makes these decisions and why? When I have conversations with others and pose these questions one at a time, it gets shrugged off. If the conversation persists, I can see frustration in the other party, where I may be labeled a Conspiracy Theorist. I try to joke and lighten the interaction “Hey I get you. I used to think people were crazy a few years ago. I mean really — who would believe the world’s elites would ship young ladies around the world to have sex with them on an island.” It lends credibility to the idea that labeling people as conspiracy theorists might buy some time, but when the theorists are proved over and over to be right… its not theory anymore.

Then the question — “But why do you think this stuff is happening then?”. My response — FOLLOW THE MONEY.

This video — which was recently put on YouTube does a great job on discussing money. Who wields it, controls it and by extension – most everything else.