Defining Success and the Pursuit of it

For years, I have pictured different versions of success in my life as I relentlessly depended on my faith in God as well as the idea that I had to be willing to invest in me. Looking back over the last nearly three years and the focus I have put on my Personal Development in the Powersports field, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed at the blessings I have received employed by Ducati North America.

2013 & 2014 saw great strides in the training program development and the strained relations at the Factory and partners like Wyotech continued to grow. As with all things balance has to be achieved. Just when things where leveling out, the company endured some management changes then the Fremont Wyotech closed down. The facility that I used in my “back yard” for about 13 weeks a year was suddenly shut down. The company had no active back up plan other than to attach training to an upcoming project based seven hours south in Los Angeles.

Three extra months of travel is instantly added to the personal travel itinerary of yours truly. Now – back to balance. How do you weigh the success of your corporate life at the expense of your family life? Another trial approaches based on Defining Success and the Pursuit of it. How much time would you give an employer to reach your version of success?

Currently we are looking to bring on someone to help facilitate classes and free up some time. Got a hankerin’ to train technicians in the exciting field of Powersports? Send you resume my way.