Dare to be You – The Rewards Are Amazing

I am bringing you this daily piece in real time. I am currently camping at Tyler State Park in Tyler, Texas. But I am working as well. I learned my travel-for-business lessons the hard way working for Ducati. So, how did I dare to be me?

I live in Southern California and BRP hired me to train dealers in Texas. “No problem” I thought. While most would assume I would be hassling with COVID testing stations, potential vaccinations, Uber, Airport Security, Rental cars and Hotels… I went a different way.

Camp all set up and ready to bike to the lake.

I planned out the 1500 mile commute via truck. I looked up Mountain Bike trails in the vicinity of the dealers I would be visiting, and the State Parks that surround them. Even though I plan on upgrading to a Sprinter van and taking advantage of the diesel and interior space, I did this first trip in the Dodge Ram 1500, with a high roof Snugtop.

People thought I was nuts. Its a 20-hour drive! It’s too many miles. It’s too much hassle. What hassle? Drive, park, ride, shower, go to dealer… boom. Well, I am on day two and I have to tell you — it has been amazing.

I had never been to Tyler before, but its a heavily wooded, rolling hills location with a beautiful lake. The camp sites are big enough to factor in space and since its “Winter” in Texas, I am by myself. Amazing.

You Are Here.

When I woke from a sound 9-hours plus of sleep this morning. I was greeted by the pitter-patter of light rain drops on the camper. Not a downpour, just a pitter – patter, pitter – patter. The showers were clean as well as the bathroom section. The water? Hot and endless.

I got in a full service shower, shave, moisturizer and cologne… just like a hotel.

Tonight, I got back to the park and had enough time to ride my mountain bike to the lake, take some pictures and come back to camp and pop a cold beer to sit and write this piece for you. All those years of doing the rat-race travel plan for corporate America, and I’ve finally realized that all I have to do is show up. The conditions of my arrival are all me…

In the Ducati travel scheme, I found myself in environments that lead to bad decisions, drinking, poor diet and an unwanted 60 pounds on my frame. Travelling my way, I am monitoring my food better, staying out of Hotel Bars, and finding a way to get exercise and not add weight to my frame. The kicker – mentally I am calm. I have peace.

I am not saying you need to go camping, but I am begging you to examine your moves in a day or week, or month… and ask “Why am I doing this? For whom am I doing this? Then dare to be you – the rewards are amazing.