Cultivating a Positive Environment

This gym always made us feel positive.

One of the most important steps in your process toward your goals is to give your mind a positivity revamp. Since being positive is so important, it makes sense to create an environment of positivity that surrounds you every single day.

But how can you surround yourself with positivity? It’s actually not as complicated as it might seem at first. There are small steps you can take that will enable and support your journey to your goals. Here are just a few!

Remove Obvious Negativity

This could be the things you surround yourself with, or it could be the people you surround yourself with. They are both equally important to the larger journey you’re on. If you have things around you that instantly conjure up negative emotions, get rid of them, or at least get them out of your immediate surroundings.

If you are surrounded by negative people, it can be very difficult to break free from that mold and live a positive life. This takes some deep introspection, and you must be willing to remove these people as much as possible from your immediate surroundings. Doing this can be logistically difficult, but the reward you will immediately gain will be very obvious once you’ve accomplished it.

Ban Clutter

Clutter stresses most people out, and the last thing you need when trying to cultivate a life of positivity is negative stress. So get rid of the clutter!

Clean off and organize all “horizontal surfaces” – tabletops, desks, counters, windowsills. These are generally problem areas in the battle against clutter.

How to decide what gets thrown away? Easy!

Hold the object. Does it evoke a joyful feeling, a happy memory? If not, get rid of it. Your life is far too short to hold onto things simply because you feel you “should”, or because someone bought it for you and you feel obligated to keep it.

Those areas that typically house a lot of “stuff” should be organized, with a place for everything, and everything in its place. Your desktop is a perfect example – it’s much easier to sit down and work when you have a clear, positive space in which to do so!

Finally, begin to add positive things to your environment. Art, music, living plants, or maybe even a small, calming aquarium! By adding things to your surroundings that you love and enjoy, you’ll have a much more positive experience when in those surroundings. Your productivity will increase, and you’ll be well on your way to those end goals!

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