Coronavirus Launches Early Motorcycle Season

With talk of Social Distancing and personal quarantine, activities like mountain biking, road biking, running, camping, boating, and even motorcycling have once again risen in social status. While a full investigation and data crunch over time will reveal any real growth over the next thirty -sixty, and ninety-days, it is the art of communication that will make it true for many.

Whenever there are large factors of change, or what economists will term a disruption, opportunity lay on the other side. To quote leadership author John C. Maxwell, “Good leaders see more than others do, and see before others do.”. The first step as a leader is to recognize the Opportunity. The next step is to form a plan for execution and gain buy-in with your team.

As the Coronavirus event took shape, few companies jumped to the occasion out of the chute. The first I saw was Jax Bicycles in SoCal. They plastered up text that described that they were open and HOW THEY WOULD BE OPEN. This is very important as they are setting the expectations of the employees and the customers. They are leading.

Our live Powersports Marine Service Network MasterMind call (long name) revealed that a couple of our group members were experiencing increases in-store traffic over the last weekend. One shop said they had their best Friday and the best Saturday – last week. They are leading.

Next was an email I received from Scot Cloninger of Triumph of Albuquerque. His mass-email described being open for business, how they would stay safe during the Coronavirus and being open, and finally… and this important. He described how to do business with them if you chose not to attend the store in person. He stressed that they would offer delivery and pick-up services as well as electronic contracting as necessary to complete a deal. They are leading.

There is a LEADERSHIP VACUUM in our current culture and people are naturally drawn to those that can lead and especially lead well. This is why the Powersports Marine Service Network is reaching out to Service Writers and Service Managers at such a feverish pace. By lending the tools of Communication, Accountability, and Influence to the hub of the Powersports and Marine dealerships, we intend to see a growth in Part and Labor sales adding to the economic stability these independent businesses require. Will you lead?