Coming to You!?!?!

It took months of searching, negotiating, accepting disappointment… then finally hitting success with this beautiful CamperVan candidate. I had some standards I wanted to hit the mark on:

  • Deisel
  • Able to stand inside
  • Good buildable platform
  • Affordable

What we have here is the S.W.A.T. truck that has been used in movies. It is a 1998 Ford E350, with a 7.3 liter Turbo Deisel. This beauty only has 45,000 original miles because it spent its life being transported to movie sites, used, then transported back. In order to keep the truck more period correct for film, the studios outfitted the vehicle with a “front clip” from a newer van… thinking 2007. This gives the vehicle a much more modern look, which I am really stoked about.