Black Friday Sale!!

It’s Black Friday Season and Mañana No Mas! is in lock step with providing our community the means to enjoy some personal development at steep savings.

For the Month of November, you can receive 20% off on any or all of the Mañana No Mas! course or membership offerings. Just use this COUPON CODE:


CourseDescriptionOriginal $Black Friday $
5-Day course for Healthy SuccessThis course is a short, straight forward look at some best practices using my theme of Physical Fitness leading to Fiscal Fitness14.9911.99
After the ChallengeI was there… I used to be bigger, thinking I would never get to my goal weight. Then I found “The Camp” and did it – but how to keep the weight off?24.9919.99
Behavioral Based GoalsThere are two main types of goals to pursue – activity and behavior. An activity-based goal may be losing 20 pounds, but a BEHAVIOR-BASED goal would be leading a healthy lifestyle to maintain weight loss. 34.9527.96
Building Teams with LOVEThis is a different perspective on using the Four Temperaments to build your best team. 279.00223.20
Bullet-Proof KETOThis extensive course on KETO gives you the ins and outs of the diet and lifestyle change that may be your ticket to weight loss and its maintenance. 24.9519.96
Capitalize on OpportunityThis cornerstone course in the Mañana No Mas! library helps you identify what an opportunity even is – then leads you following that opportunity to optimization. 49.9539.96
Embrace the ProcessAnother FOUNDATIONAL course. This is so foundational we continue to offer it at NO CHARGEFREEFREE
Getting Started with BikingStill in Development – you can join this community and grow with it. 64.9551.96
Goal 365This course is a LONG version of Goal setting and pursuit. This course walks you through a year of laying out and chasing goals. If you are process-oriented and love a challenge – this is for you. 149.95119.96
Goal Setting – the SHORT CourseIf the direct and to the point course is for you (pun intended) we have a much shorter course focused on strategies to pursue your goals. 49.9539.96
I BelieveI love this course. It’s about believing in yourself and overcoming self-doubt. 18.9515.16
Laser Targeted Marketing ’20A must for anyone in the Digital Marketing Space. Things change quickly and you want to know how to best activate your efforts. 79.9563.96
LeadershiftThis is a video book review of the John C. Maxwell book – Leadershift. FREEFREE
Mañana No Mas! DisciplineBeing successful takes a disciplined mind. Much of success is simply not giving up, but this course unpacks that in an engaging and success-leading way.49.9539.96
Overcoming *hitty DecisionsWe all have this in our past. There is some decision or a gaggle of them that is holding us back from being our best selves. This course scratches the surface and prepares the path for our forthcoming book on the subject. 199.00159.20
Phone/Sales EtiquetteIn a day of swipes and emojis, people have lost the art of verbal communication. This is critical in a retail or customer interface position. This guide shows examples of how to communicate effectively. 49.9539.96
Fixed OperationsThis in-depth course is custom made for Motorcycle, Marine, and Bicycle dealers in relation to their service departments and their function. 999.00799.20
5 Levels of LeadershipAnother John C. Maxwell book review that we are using to Pay it ForwardFREEFREE
What is a KPI?This course is developed to illustrate what should be measured in your business, how to measure it, and how to make decisions off those measurements. 99.0079.20
Yes to KindnessThis course is a SHOUT OUT to Tammy Joy and her effort to share positivity. FREEFREE